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GSEV Will Be The EV Platform From Wuling Entering The Market in Indonesia

15 November, 2021

Image GSEV Will Be The EV Platform From Wuling Entering The Market in Indonesia

Get to know the Global Small Electric Vehicle, a platform that combines multiple pillars for modern mobility  

South Tangerang, 15 November 2021 Wuling Motors (Wuling) today held a Media Briefing at GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2021. This opportunity is a means for Wuling to introduce in more depth about the Global Small Electric Vehicle (GSEV) to fellow journalists. GSEV itself is an electric car platform Wuling created and marketed by combining various pillars to provide modern mobility. In Wuling booth located in Hall 3 of ICE BSD, also displayed two GSEV-based products.

Ki Ka Danang Wiratmoko dan Handi Ahmad Shidiq selaku Product Planning Wuling Motors bersama GSEV Wuling 1000x673

“Introducing the GSEV platform is the next step in Wuling’s preparations to participate in the electric car market in Indonesia.  We hope the introduction of this platform can provide a clearer picture of Wuling’s EV product line that will be marketed in the country next year. GSEV itself has received a good response in the Chinese market and has a variety of products,” Danang Wiratmoko, Product Planning Wuling Motors explained.

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The year 2014 marked the beginning of Wuling’s development of electric cars in line with the direction of the Chinese government to start the era of new and environmentally friendly energy vehicles. Over time, the demand for these vehicles has increased and has even become a trend, thus encouraging Wuling to focus on new, compact-sized energy vehicles.

The first aspect of the GSEV is small and spacious. Thanks to its small size, the GSEV platform has become easy to park. However, this does not compromise the cabin space. There are two seat configurations that can be applied, namely two-seater or four-seater. The second aspect is suitable for daily use. This platform also prioritizes the ease of usage. This can be observed through the range capability from 120km to 300km as well as easy battery charging support and supported fast charging facilities.

Various smart features also complement this platform such as Internet of Vehicle (IoV), ADAS, Automatic Parking, to Multimedia features with Voice Command support. The driving safety aspect is also an important pillar of GSEV with the support of steel frame on a strong body and airbags. In addition, GSEV batteries are guaranteed safety through high endurance testing, IP68 waterproof standard and equipped with Smart Battery Management System.

Wuling itself has established a standardization of key components specifically for the GSEV platform consisting of the design of the system and battery cells, electric motors, and electronic control systems. These three components on the GSEV can be tailored to the diverse profile and preferences of consumers in the global electric vehicle market.

The GSEV platform comes in the form of six products that have been launched since 2017 to date ranging from E100, E200, Hongguang Mini EV, Hongguang Mini EV Macaron, KiWi EV, to Nano EV. Wuling’s line of compact electric vehicles is a dynamic consumer choice to meet daily mobility needs to personalize vehicles.

In Indonesia, the GSEV platform has potential in the electric vehicle segment. Wuling saw driving habits in Indonesia are carried out for the needs of commuters with a relatively short distance with a maximum of four passengers only. The positive perception of Indonesian people towards electric cars is also positive as an environmentally friendly transportation.

“The potential of the electric car segment is now greater with efforts to accelerate electrification by the Indonesian government, the rapidly growing global electric car trend, and the influence of this trend on the Indonesian automotive market. In addition, electric car users can enjoy various benefits,” Danang concluded.



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