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MPV Car That is Affordable and Comfortable for Your Little Family

7 September, 2017

Image MPV Car That is Affordable and Comfortable for Your Little Family

Affordable MPV car should be multifunctional and has many excellences. It can carry many passengers and a lot of luggage, has tough engine performance, and the price is affordable. This car type is always reliable for those of you who have families. Realizing the dream to have a car must be a special pride for you as the head of a family. However, when you try to make your first effort for the dream, you certainly have hesitations and feeling confused, not to mention the many choices available.

Sedan Vs MPV

Sedan and MPV are two of the best-selling car types. But, to give you less alternatives, it’s advisable that you pick a car suitable with your needs.

The following brief is a comparison between a sedan and an MPV that may help you with deciding a choice:


  1. Comfort

Compared to an affordable MPV, sedan is more comfortable in its interior features and performance. Sedan has larger engine thus faster acceleration, but it runs smoothly when you’re driving it.

  1. More sophisticated design

The exterior look of a sedan is certainly more sophisticated than MPV. For this reason, people driving a sedan will gain more confidence.

  1. Bigger down payment

One of the disadvantages of a sedan is that it requires bigger down payment. Price for sedan is more expensive as its taxes are higher than that of an MPV. Consequently, many people opt for MPV car since it costs only a small amount of down payment.


  1. Spacious compartments

With a large body, an MPV can carry up to seven passengers and a lot of luggage.

  1. Comfortable for mudik trip or vacations

MPV car is designed to provide comfort for both the driver and passengers during long-distance trips.

  1. Efficient in fuel consumption and service budget

Besides its affordable price, Indonesian families like MPV car because it is fuel-efficient and costs cheaper service budget.

  1. Flood-free

Using a sedan to go through a flooded road might damage its engine easily. But with an MPV that comes with higher ground clearance, you’ll be able to get through the flood safely.

Tips for Calculating and Saving Fund to Buy a New Car

There are three possible ways to buy a new car, namely:

  1. Taking installments

You can choose this option if you already have fund for down payment and administration fee. Usually, down payment costs around 30% of car price while administration fee is 10% of it. For instance, if the car is priced at Rp 190 million, then the calculation should be:

Down payment: Rp 190,000,000 x 30% = Rp 57,000,000

Administration fee: Rp 190,000,000 x 10% = Rp 19,000,000

Total initial fund that you must prepare is Rp 76 million, with the remaining Rp 114 million as debt. If you choose a three-year scheme of installments, then you must prepare around Rp 4 million a month.

  1. Saving fund for the next three years

This tip is really effective for those of you who haven’t got enough funds do buy a new car; that is by anticipating its price in the future. For instance, current price of the desired car is Rp 190 million. Three years later, the price might increase to Rp 247 million (assuming a 10% of price increase per year). So you should start to save around Rp 6.9 million monthly to be able to buy a new car three years from now.

  1. Saving fund to prepare for down payment and administration fee

Saving fund to prepare for down payment and administration fee of your desired car can start from putting aside your monthly income by 20% for three years. Assuming that the car price will be Rp 247 million within three years, then total amount of down payment and administration fee will be around Rp 116 million.

Buying Your First Family Car

There are some things worth consideration before purchasing a new car, such as capacity and comfortableness. For those of you who are still in hesitation to make a choice, it’s better to heed the following tips:

  1. Sufficient capacity

Seating capacity is the first consideration before buying a low-priced MPV. Estimate the number of your family members to avoid miscalculation. Choose large-sized MPV with bigger seating capacity.

  1. Best engine quality but with affordable price

When you’re going to buy a car, make sure its price meets your budget. That is because so many low-priced MPV cars are now available in Indonesia and offer various excellences. Make sure that the price is worth it in terms of efficient fuel consumption, low maintenance costs and of course comfortableness on the road.

  1. Comfortable car design

When you intend to buy your first family car, don’t forget to consider about comfortable design. For instance: seating position, airbags, seatbelts, special child car seat, and else.

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