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MPV, Indonesian Society’s Favourite Car

8 August, 2017

Image MPV, Indonesian Society’s Favourite Car

Cars have developed rapidly since first construction by French inventor Nicolas Joseph Cugnot in 1900. Many types of cars are now available in the market. Each type has distinctive character, shape, benefits and shortfalls.

Type of Cars

  1. Convertible

The roof of a convertible car is retractable. The car top can be closed or folded open at any moment so the driver can have a sensation of driving in an open air. Generally, convertible cars come in two categories, namely soft-top convertible and hard-top convertible. The roof of soft-top convertible is made of vinyl or canvas to make retracting process easy. Whereas the roof of hard-top convertible is made of plastic or steel.

  1. Coupe

Coupe car has 2 doors. Since there is no fixed definition about the term “coupe”, many car producers create their own definitions. As technology develops over time, coupe car nowadays comes in several types, some of which have more than 2 doors with a mixture of sporty variation in the interior design. Other characteristic of a coupe car is that its roofline slopes continuously down at the back.

  1. Hatchback

Hatchback is one of car types the youngsters love. Hatchback or city car generally has 5 doors, with 4 doors for passengers and 1 door for luggage. Passenger cabin is merged with baggage space so that passengers sitting on the back row seats have access to luggage area. Hatchback car comes in medium size, which is highly useful for driving in a city.

  1. SUV

SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle is prioritized as the car that can be used on any kind of road. No wonder SUV is men’s favourite car. An SUV car usually uses four-wheel drive system and has developed into a 7-seater car. SUV car is indeed designed to carry a lot of passengers.

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  1. Sedan

Sedan car has been the favourite of many people due its classy and elegant design. Sedan is designed with car body that is quite low and long. Because of its low ground clearance, sedan car has a shortfall. It’s quite difficult to drive a sedan car on a flooded road.

  1. Station wagon

Station wagon is made with a concept similar to a hatchback. Their difference is in the size dimension. A station wagon car is designed with relatively long roof and quite spacious luggage cargo in the back. Just like hatchback, this type of car has 5 doors, with 4 doors for passengers and 1 door for luggage. Although its luggage cargo is not as spacious as an MPV car, its passenger cabin almost resembles that of a sedan.

  1. MPV

Minivan or MPV (Multi Purposes Vehicle) is designed to provide comfort with handling system similar to a sedan. It is designed with spacious interior to make passengers comfortable during a trip. An MPV car is made for family as it can carry more passengers than other types of cars. If a hatchback is nicknamed city car, then MPV also has a nickname: family car. MPV has now become one of Indonesian society’s main choices.

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Types of MPV

Since MPV is the kind of car that Indonesians love, let’s get to know with various types of MPV.


Low MPV is likely to become the main attention among Indonesian society. With a relatively affordable price, this car can carry 7 passengers at once. Besides its large capacity, many of low MPV cars are equipped with comfortable cabin interior. For that reason, despite carrying 7 passengers, you can still be able to sit comfortably in the car.

Medium MPV

Medium MPV comes in a slightly bigger dimension than low MPV, because this type of car prioritizes spacious cabin and comfortableness during long distance driving. Medium MPV costs a relatively affordable price for middle-income society.

Compact MPV

Compact MPV is relatively new in Indonesia. It has the same capacity as low MPV. However, it provides more complete and sophisticated features than those of low MPV, thus the price is more expensive.

Luxury MPV

Luxury MPV is your choice if you prioritize comfortableness, spacious cabin, with complete and sophisticated features. Luxury MPV is generally priced at over Rp 500 million to Rp billion as it offers high-class comfort for your family.

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