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MPV is the Most Comfortable Family Car for Mudik Trip and Vacations

6 September, 2017

Image MPV is the Most Comfortable Family Car for Mudik Trip and Vacations

MPV is a high demand car in Indonesia nowadays. As we already know, there are various kinds of cars available, one of which is a sport car designed to fit only for two passengers. Such car is unsuitable for family due to limited capacity. For that reason, MPV car with seating capacity of 7-8 passengers is a perfect option to be included in the list of desirable family car.


However, there are many brands and variants of family cars now that are likely to make consumers confused. Moreover, each of them offers different features.


Definition of MPV

MPV is an acronym for multi-purpose vehicle, a type of car that is capable to carry many passengers and a lot of luggage. MPV tends to resemble a mini-bus. Generally, car producers release two MPV variants. The first variant is for carrying passengers (designed with passenger seats in the back), the second variant is especially made for carrying cargo (designed without passenger seats and window). There are commonly three MPV categories that Indonesian customers like, namely mini MPV, big MPV and extra big MPV.


Guidance for Buying MPV Car

These following considerations can be very useful for those of you intending to buy an MPV car:


  1. Choose Car with Large Capacity

One of MPV characteristics is that it offers large capacity to contain passengers and luggage. Therefore, make sure you have calculated the number of your family members and the amount of luggage that you usually bring in every mudik trip so that there will be no regrets in the future.


  1. Prioritize Safety

The security and safety aspects have to be considered since the car you’re going to buy will be used together with your loved ones. Opt for a car that is already equipped with various technologies to secure the safety of car driver and passengers, such as:

  • Airbag
  • Seat belt
  • Anti-lock brake


  1. Entertainment Features

Entertainment features are necessary when you bring along your children for a long-distance trip. It’s because they get easily bored sitting in a limited car space without doing anything. With available entertainment features like DVD player or small LCD monitor, it’s guaranteed that children won’t become fretful or distract car driver’s concentration.


  1. Cleanliness

Usually, children can’t sit still and tend to make things messy. Solution to this problem is by choosing MPV car with upholstery made from leather or vinyl so that any mess can be cleaned quickly.


  1. Efficient Fuel Consumption

For the last several years, many consumers across the world prefer family car with efficient fuel consumption. It’s not only beneficial for the environment, but can also reduce your spending, moreover when gasoline price continually rises every year.


  1. Spacious Luggage Compartment

MPV has spacious luggage compartment that can contain baggage of the entire family. Presently, MPV not only has spacious luggage compartment, but is also designed with roof rack. You can put your belongings on the car roof, such as bikes (placed with additional bike roof rack) needed to support family activities.


Things to be Considered before Buying a Car

These are a few things to be considered before buying MPV car:

  1. Meet a Budget

If you allocate Rp 300 million of budget, make sure that the price of the car you’re going to buy is around the nominal amount of money.

  1. Do Some Research

Research is the first thing you must do before buying an MPV. Assess whether the car of your choice has a large capacity to carry all family members, or whether it is equipped with features that are suitable with your needs, whether the price is affordable, etc.

  1. Take a Test Drive

After doing some research, you need to check car’s condition, including its engine, exterior and interior parts. Take a test drive to evaluate engine’s condition, whether it is in good performance and suitable with your needs. When you take a test drive, make sure to drive the car with low speed in both straight and curvy lines, and then add the speed instantly to check how the car moves on your maneuver.

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