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Ramadan Surprise for Wuling Customers

5 June, 2018

Image Ramadan Surprise for Wuling Customers

The month of Ramadan is a holy month for moslems everywhere. This is the time for us to make amends, hold back our emotions, purify ourselves, ask for a clean slate from God and be free of our past sins. At the conclusion of the one-month fasting period, we delight ourselves in the joy of forgiving with everyone—family, friends, and anyone we used to fight against.

The celebration is also represented with the gathering of families who are scattered, wearing new, clean clothes, and enjoy good food. This Ramadan is more special because it coincides with the festivity of Jakarta Fair and the birth of Jakarta—the capital of Indonesia. It is even more surprising, because Wuling will build its own booth to showcase Confero and Cortez for the second time.

For Indonesians who do not reside in or around Jakarta might find it a little bit troublesome to attend the Jakarta Fair and to get the special offerings from Wuling Motors. But, as we always equally prioritize our customers everywhere, so we will make the promo available in your area, too! Isn’t that exciting?

It doesn’t matter whether you think Confero is way cooler than Cortez or the other way around, because we have the promo for both for you! Let’s read through the promotion below for your reference before going to the nearest dealer office in your area :

Low Down Payment

Now you can see Confero, Confero S, Cortez 1.8, and Cortez 1.5 showcased in our dealers, which one interests you the most? There is no way to answer that unless you try them out by yourself. Find the dealer office close to where you are and visit the office directly and meet one of our caring sales representatives.

Once you have decided which Wuling car suits you best, please take note that we are offering you for a low down-payment amount starting from Rp15 mio for Confero series and Rp29 mio for Cortez series. Of course, there will be some applied terms and conditions, which you should ask directly to our sales person for a more reliable information.

Service and Maintenance

When you own a car, do remember that you need to provide a thorough maintenance for it to keep it in its prime condition. But, to emphasize our commitment to serve you better, this time we will give you free maintenance fee for 3 years or before you reach 60,000 km – whichever comes first. Other items such as oil, spare parts, etc. will not be included. So, always ask our sales person for a complete information.

Worry-free Kind of Trip

Who would’ve thought that driving a Wuling would be so much fun! Especially now, because we will be providing you with gasoline voucher or e-toll cards worth Rp1 mio. So, you will be driving Wuling with more ease and without worry.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on the dealers nearby or visit our exhibition at the malls and make the purchase for your dream Wuling cars from 25 May until 30 June 2018 all over Indonesia. Remember that there will be applied terms and conditions, so make sure you have everything explained before making the purchase. Be safe and drive for a better life!

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