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SGMW Booked New Sales Record in China in 2016

6 March, 2017

Image SGMW Booked New Sales Record in China in 2016

Jakarta, February 1, 2017 –SAIC-General Motors-Wuling (SGMW) booked new sales record in 2016. The sales of SGMW products in China has exceeded 2.13 million units, an increase compared to 2.040 million units sold in 2015. The sales increase in 2016 was contributed by bothWuling and Baojunbrands. Wuling brand recorded a total of 1,369,618 units sold in 2016, meanwhile Baojun brand recorded sales at total of 760,559 units with YOY (year-on-year) increase of 51.2%.

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The biggest contributor for SGMW’s 2016 sales number is coming from Wuling Hongguang series. This MPV series recorded sales of 650,018 units in 2016.

SGMW has existed in China for over 15 years since established in 2002 by three strong shareholders; SAIC Motors Corporation Limited, General Motors (China), and Guangxi Automobile Group.SGMW China has grown to a modern innovative company that is always creating values for consumers. With the values of LISTEN, UNDERSTAND, and CREATE, SGMW is the first automotive manufacturer that achieved annual production of over 2 million in China and has been No.1 position in terms of sales volume for single automotive company for 11 years in China.

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SGMW expanded its business in Indonesia by bringing the brand of Wuling Motors. With a total investments of USD700 million, Wuling is currently developing its factory and supplier Park in Cikarang, West Javato produce the first Wuling car for Indonesians. The factory construction progress has reached 70% by the end of December 2016and is set to launch Wuling’s first LMPV car to Indonesian public at the second half of 2017.

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