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The Beautiful Look of MPV Wuling Confero S

9 September, 2017

Image The Beautiful Look of MPV Wuling Confero S

Wuling’s first products have been launched on August 2, 2017, in Senayan City, South Jakarta. We named our initial products Confero and Confero S.


Exterior Design of Wuling Confero S

Confero S has a quite simple body design but still accentuates its elegance as a signature of modern cars. For headlamp, an adjustable projector headlight is placed in the front. You can adjust its light according to your needs. The headlamp is equipped with fog lamp, which is the daytime running light feature that turns on when engine is started. Fog lamp will really help you get through the road in misty or foggy conditions.


Grille for MPV Wuling Confero S is designed with lines and chrome bumper to bring out its simple and modern look. The sides of Wuling Confero S are in fact made very simple. However, you can still see a stylish appearance since the car uses luxury side body molding. Side view mirrors use door mirror technology, so you can adjust them without opening the windows.


The back part of Confero S has rear combination lamp for stop lamp, which can provide a very good light at night, especially when you hit the brakes. Moreover, the back part of the car is embellished with Wuling logo in chrome that makes exterior look of Wuling Confero S awfully interesting.


Interior Design of Wuling Confero S

The interior of MPV Wuling Confero S is designed elegantly as well. You can see that its dashboard has elegant design and reliable entertainment features. There is an 8-inch touch screen monitor that can connect to your smart phone using USB ports or Bluetooth connection. In addition, the car’s air conditioner (AC) control system uses electro motion and dual blower technology. This technology functions to make it easier for passengers when setting temperature.


Furthermore, the MPV car has sensor cameras that really help the driver when parking. The cameras are placed in the front and back of MPV Wuling Confero S. USB sockets are available in each seating row. You can use this feature to charge your phone battery. The indicator part uses MID luxury cluster technology that will give highly accurate information. The MID also comes with a feature that can detect when tire pressure is less than required. Interior design of MPV Wuling Confero S is made to provide comfort for both passengers and driver.


Engine for Wuling Confero S

Let’s move on to the next subject, that is the engine used in MPV Wuling Confero S. Confero S is equipped with 4-cylinder engine, which is in line with DOHC DVVT type, and has engine capacity up to 1,485 cc. The car uses 5-speed manual transmission system. By this means, MPV Wuling Confero S can produce 107 horsepower at 5,800 rpm and peak torque value of 142 Nm. As for gasoline, MPV Wuling Confero S uses MPI technology that can give maximum performance but with economical fuel consumption.


Features in Wuling Confero S

Besides having a quite a tough performance, MPV Wuling Confero S is equipped as well with features that support the safety and comfortableness of both driver and passengers. For safety feature, Confero S uses brakes that function with anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake distribution (EBC) technologies. These technologies prevent tires from slipping and offer better braking quality.


Aside from that, in order to give protection for all passengers, the MPV car is also equipped with dual SRS airbags in the front row and seatbelts in all passenger seats. This way the MPV car provides maximum protection in case of accident.


As for entertainment features, Confero S comes with sophisticated features that include rear parking camera, AC, audio system, charging ports and speaker that produces awesome sound. Particularly in the wheeling steer, it is equipped with navigation system, which is functional and integrated with head unit. With this device, the driver can also adjust entertainment setting without any difficulty.


Those are some sophisticated features in MPV Wuling Confero S. The car has not only interior and exterior designs that are both simple and elegant, but also car engine with quite reliable acceleration.

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