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The Best and Most Ideal MPV for Indonesian Families

2 September, 2017

Image The Best and Most Ideal MPV for Indonesian Families

We’ve already know that currently we have terms to name car types, among others are multi-purpose vehicle, sport utility vehicle, hatchback, city car, and else. The names create easiness for car producers and consumers to categorize certain cars.


Car Types

The following are various car types:



Sport utility vehicle or SUV car can go through different kinds of terrains, both on-road and off-road. SUV is designed to carry passengers and luggage. For that reason, this car type is expected to always deliver tough performance. It has quite an ample capacity and is able to carry 7-8 passengers. It is designed with high ground clearance, strong yet smooth suspension, complete features, elegant and sturdy in both interior and exterior looks, large-sized body and tires, and with high-powered engine.



MPV is a car type that functions mainly to carry many passengers. This vehicle has larger size compared to a sedan. Similar with SUV, the best MPV is equipped with 7 seats and ample space for small stuffs.


City Car

In accordance with the name, a city car is a car type that is only fit to be used in town. Most of this car types come in small size, thereby suitable for traffic that often gets jammed and demands cars to move swiftly.



Hatchback is a sedan-base car that is shorter in the back. Recent cars are usually of this car type to make the design look simple yet still functional. This car type has a minimum luggage space.



Differences between SUV and MPV

SUV and MPV are often the choice of many people because they offer a range of excellences. These are the differences between SUV and the best MPV that you can use as guidance before deciding to buy a new car:


  1. SUV and MPV variants
  • SUV variants:
    • Medium SUV. This variant has a large body size but it can only carry 5 persons.
    • Low SUV. Low SUV generally has capacity for 7 passengers and is equipped with car suspension and accessories.
    • Mini SUV. This is SUV variant that has small body size. This type combines SUV and MPV designs.
  • MPV variants:
    • Low MPV. Low MPV is able to carry up to 7 passengers. Many Indonesian consumers choose low MPV because it is reasonably low priced.
    • Medium MPV. Medium MPV has a quite bigger size, making its compartment spacious and very comfortable. The price for this MPV variant is still relatively affordable.
    • Compact MPV. This variant is almost similar with low MPV, but its price is more expensive as it provides better features and quality.


  1. Fuel consumption. SUV requires more fuel consumption compared to other car types. Whereas the best MPV is equipped with fuel management system, thereby fuel consumption is more economical.


  1. Drivetrain system. In the beginning of its production, SUV used four-wheel-drive systems. As it develops, its drivetrain system has now been replaced with only two-wheel-drive to make fuel consumption more efficient. Whereas MPV car uses two-wheel-drive systems in the front and back parts of the car.


  1. Engine capacity. Engine capacity of SUV cars for driving on off-road conditions averagely starts from 1,500 cc. While most of MPV cars are only equipped with 1,500 cc engine and below.


  1. Car body. SUV is designed with body-on-frame structure (body is mounted on chassis). With such structure, the car is stronger and cannot easily change shape despite difficult terrains it has to go through. It’s different with MPV car, which is designed wider and higher to provide ample, comfortable space for passengers.


  1. Car price. Both SUV and MPV are priced variably, depending on categories and types of each car. But based on actual facts in the market, prices for MPV cars are indeed cheaper than the prices for SUV.


The Best MPV Car with Affordable Price

Wuling Motors has officially launched primary cars, namely Confero and Confero S. The Confero series are priced from Rp 128,800,000 to Rp 162,900,000.


Having a family car is everyone’s dream, especially ones who have many family members. Market for family cars in Indonesia has now widely opened as many producers offer various car types in the sector. As a result, it’s no wonder that automobile manufacturing plants create innovations and a range of choices to provide the best MPV.

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