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Things to be Considered when Buying Family Car

5 September, 2017

Image Things to be Considered when Buying Family Car

You may already have your own favorite sedan you bought when you were still single. But now that you’re married and have additional family members, that car no longer fits for traveling. You need a family car that is bigger enough to carry all of your family members.


MPV family car is the type of car that most people choose. All types of MPV have different design, feature, price, dimension and brand, making it difficult for buyers to choose the most suitable family car for them. If you’re one of these potential buyers, you may need to read about anything to be considered before buying a family car, as described in the following brief:


Seating capacity

Seating capacity of MPV cars in the market are varied. Some offer 5 seats, the others offer 8 seats. Seating capacity is the first thing you need to examine when you’re going to buy a family car. Family car should be able to carry family members all at once comfortably. MPV cars with 5 seats are suitable for family with 3 children, while 7-seater MPV cars are for family with more than 3 children. Also take into account whether you have babysitter or housemaid that must come with you whenever you travel.


Wuling Confero S offers two variants, the one with 7 seats and the other with 8 seats. MPV of these types are suitable for you with many family members. Confero S’s compartment is quite roomy and can carry 7-8 adult passengers without getting too crowded inside.


Engine condition

When you need to choose a family car, it’s advisable that you pick MPV car with large engine capacity. The larger the capacity is, the bigger power it can produce. Wuling Confero S uses inline 4-cylinder engine with DOHC DVVT type and has engine capacity of 1,485 cc that can produce 107 horsepower at 5,800 rpm. Therefore, Wuling Confero S can smoothly run on any kind of terrain. There is no sound of car engine in the compartment space, so your children can sleep well without noises from both car engine and from outside the car during a trip.


Fuel consumption

What’s the use of buying a family car if you don’t use it often? However, if you use your car too often, you may have to spend a lot for gasoline. For that reason, choose a family car that is fuel-efficient. Fuel injection system in Wuling Confero S uses MPI technology that can control thrifty fuel consumption when the car is used.


Transmission system

Cars have two types of transmission systems, namely automatic and manual. It’s easier to drive cars with automatic transmission, but they require expensive maintenance. Driving cars with manual transmission is more difficult, but they are cheaper and have easy maintenance. Most people assume that cars with manual transmission system exhaust easily compared to those with automatic transmission. Opt for transmission system that you really master and comfortable to drive with.


Safety features

The best family car is absolutely a car that can protect the entire family during a trip. Therefore, you must consider about safety features when choosing a family car. Wuling Confero S comes with some important safety features. Car brakes function with ABS (anti-lock braking system) and EBD (electronic brake distribution). These technologies will distribute braking forces to all wheels equally and prevent braking system from getting locked when you need to step on brake pedal instantly, so that the car won’t slip during a sudden stop.


Seatbelts are available in each seat, even those in the back row. This MPV car also provides seatbelt indicator feature. Airbags are presented in first row seats. Parking sensors placed in the front and rear of the car along with camera in the rear bumper will help car driver to park the car more securely. The TPMS (tire-pressure monitoring system) will give warning to car driver whenever tire pressure is less than required. All safety features available in Wuling Confero S help assure the safety of the entire family members.



Spacious compartment alone is not enough to create a comfortable car trip. There are other things that support comfortableness, such as: soft suspension –so that passengers do not feel any shake during a trip, level of coolness of AC that can be adjusted in each seating row, supple seats with soft and skin-friendly upholstery, and noiseless engine.


After sales service

After sales service is all the help and information that it provides to customers after they have bought a particular product.  Wuling has prepared after sales service for Indonesian families.



Choose a family car that meets your financial condition. Do not buy a car that will force you to have many debts and eventually will create difficulties for you in repaying them. Wuling Confero S is one of MPV cars that can be bought with affordable price. The price of Wuling Confero S does not exceed Rp 200 million. Considering all available features and the technologies it applies, Wuling Confero S is worth to be listed in your alternatives for the best family cars.

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