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Tips for Choosing Low-Priced MPV but Not of Poor Quality

4 September, 2017

Image Tips for Choosing Low-Priced MPV but Not of Poor Quality

MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) car is one of Indonesian society’s favorite cars. Its large body can carry more passengers compared to an SUV or a sedan. Low-Priced MPV is offered by many car brands. For those of you seeking the best, affordable MPV car, here are some tips that may help you with choosing MPV that meets your needs.


Notice about the size

MPV cars in the market are categorized into three types of small, medium, and large. Small MPV car usually has 5 seats. Its compartment is not too big but is still practical to carry 5 adult passengers and their luggage. The price of small MPV type is of course the cheapest among all.


Medium MPV car usually has 7 seats. This type is quite large but not too large to be used on the road. It still can fit to go through narrow roads. The third type is large MPV that generally has 7-8 seats. It has ample compartment to accommodate 7-8 adult passengers with their belongings that can be put in luggage space.


Wuling Confero S is categorized in the third MPV types because Confero S series provide 7 and 8 seats. The dimension is 4,493 mm of length, 1,691 mm of width, and 1,715 mm of height. Wuling Confero S is large. Its compartment is spacious, assuring passengers to have comfortable movement.


Notice about seating capacity

Seating capacity is important to be taken into account if you have quite many family members. MPV car provides 7 or 8 seats and will be able to carry more passengers. But when you choose such car, consider whether luggage space is large enough to store all belongings when seats in the third row are entirely set. Also consider about access to third-row seats, whether it is too narrow or quite roomy, so that passengers can come in easily.


Check car compartment layout

MPV’s main function is to accommodate more passengers. Therefore, you need to observe the seating layout in car compartments, whether it’s 2-2-3 or 2-3-3. Seating layout in car compartment really influences passengers’ comfortableness and also affects luggage space.


There are two types of seating layout for Confero S, namely 2-2-3 and 2-3-3. Ample compartment enables passengers to sit comfortably during a trip although all seats are full. The space between a passenger’s knees to the seat in front row is quite wide, so the passenger can change positions freely.


Check luggage space

One of the reasons why people choose MPV car is because it is quite spacious to carry large stuffs. For instance, Confero S has an ample luggage compartment where people can put a lot of things.



Consider about available entertainment features

Who wouldn’t seek low-priced MPV? However, getting low-priced car doesn’t mean that we cannot get the latest entertainment features. Wuling Confero S is equipped with entertainment features such as audio system with USB setting, so you can plug in a USB containing your favorite songs to accompany you during a trip.


Confero S is also equipped with touch screen head unit that is integrated with navigation button on wheeling steer. In that way, driver can easily adjust volume or change songs without moving his or her hands from the wheeling steer. The navigation button on the wheeling steer can also connect to hand phone using Bluetooth connection.


Check safety features

Cars of the latest release are generally equipped with safety features such as ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) in order to prevent car from slipping when you have to hit the brakes suddenly, TPMS (Tire-Pressure Monitoring System) to monitor tire pressure, and parking sensor placed in the front and back parts of a car. Parking sensors are highly important. Large-sized MPV makes parking difficult for people who are not yet familiar with the car. These sensors help a driver notice if there is any object blocking the car when it moves forward or backward.


Check available additional features

I addition to the matters above, you also need to consider about additional features in an MPV and whether you need them. For instance, Wuling Confero S provides cell phone charging ports in the first, second, and third rows of the car.


Those are all the things you need to examine and consider when choosing an MPV car, so that you can get low-priced MPV with premium quality.

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