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Wuling Announces GSEV Sketch and Holds Your Own GSEV Competition

31 March, 2022

Image Wuling Announces GSEV Sketch and Holds Your Own GSEV Competition

The Wuling GSEV sketch was introduced to the public and the Your Own GSEV program started at IIMS


Jakarta, 31 March 2022 – Wuling Motors (Wuling) announces the official sketch of The Next Generation Wuling GSEV (Global Small Electric Vehicles) which will be marketed in Indonesia. The sketch displayed at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) Hybrid 2022 is a further move from Wuling’s commitment to present electric vehicles in the Indonesian automotive market. In line with the theme ‘Experience The Next Innovation’ at this year’s IIMS, Wuling also holds a Your Own GSEV campaign which is a creative competition on a provided sketch.

Wuling menggelar kompetisi kreatif bertajuk Your Own GSEV untuk mengajak masyarakat turut berkreasi dari sketsa The Next Generation GSEV 1000x563

“Wuling is grateful for the warm welcome to the Wuling GSEV Platform since it was introduced in November last year. In line with the spirit of ‘Experience the Next Innovation’, today Wuling showed a sketch of The Next Generation Wuling GSEV which will be marketed this year, in the country. The Next Generation Wuling GSEV will carry a unique and fashionable design concept, compact body, and pleasant convenience,” explained Dian Asmahani as Brand and Marketing Director of Wuling Motors.

Wuling turut memamerkan salah satu Platform GSEV pada ajang IIMS Hybrid 2022 1000x666

The Wuling GSEV platform was introduced in Indonesia in November 2021 at the automotive exhibition in Tangerang. Since then, the Wuling GSEV Platform has continued to be exhibited at the automotive event in Surabaya at the end of 2021 and continues to greet the people of Jakarta in early March 2022. As a continuation of Wuling EV’s commitment, this IIMS exhibition is the right momentum for Wuling to officially introduce the GSEV sketch.

At the IIMS 2022 event, Wuling also hold a creative competition titled Your Own GSEV. This campaign aims to promote an EV design that is easy to personalize in appearance. Wuling invites public, creative people until automotive enthusiasts to create and improvise sketches from The Next Generation GSEV which can be downloaded from Wuling’s social media accounts

Your Own GSEV campaign start from March 31, 2022, to July 31, 2022. Participants are required to follow all Wuling social media accounts on Instagram @wulingmotorsid & @wulinggsev.id and 2 Facebook Pages Wuling Motors Indonesia and Wuling GSEV Indonesia. Furthermore, participants can download the Wuling GSEV sketch file at wuling.id and be as creative as possible, provided that they are not allowed to include other brand elements in the design. The results of the uploaded design are allowed for more than one and the jury’s assessment is based on creativity and cannot be contested. The winner will be announced in August 2022 via the official social media account of Wuling Motors Indonesia.

“Let’s show the best creations for the Wuling Your Own GSEV competition. Don’t forget to come to the Wuling booth at IIMS 2022 to see Wuling’s products and innovations, and enjoy special promos during the exhibition period,” explained Dian Asmahani.

At IIMS 2022, Wuling also showcased one of the models from the GSEV Platform. Wuling invites the Indonesian people to be able to see the innovations of Wuling EV directly. The showcase of Wuling EV is also a form of commitment to presenting environmentally friendly vehicles for the Indonesian automotive market. Wuling Motors is preparing the GSEV which will be the first Wuling EV in the country with the spirit of ‘Drive for A Better Life’, Wuling GSEV will come and bring the best innovation value for the mobility of Indonesians.

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