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Wuling Bakti Pendidikan Program Officially Runs at SMK Taruna Bangsa

1 October, 2021

Image Wuling Bakti Pendidikan Program Officially Runs at SMK Taruna Bangsa

Provides various supports to boost the quality of education in vocational schools with knowledge transfer

Pati, October 1st 2021 – In order to build education-based collaboration in Indonesia, Wuling Motors (Wuling) officially ran the ‘Wuling Bakti Pendidikan’ program at SMK Taruna Bangsa, Pati, Central Java, yesterday (30/9). This ceremony was symbolically carried out by Taufik S. Arief as Aftersales Director of Wuling Motors, Bambang Sumitro as HR Director Wuling Motors, and Dwi Arum Mulyani, S.Psi., Principal of SMK Taruna Bangsa. In this program, Wuling provides various forms of support, ranging from training for teachers and students, subsidies for learning objects, internship opportunities in the Wuling’s dealer network, as well as chances to join the recruitment process for students who want to work at Wuling.

Wuling resmi menjalankan program ‘Wuling Bakti Pendidikan’ di SMK Taruna Bangsa Pati Jawa Tengah kemarin 1 1000x667

“We realize that efforts to harmonize the needs of vocational schools and industry in Indonesia are an essential part of realizing the nation’s next generation who are competent, creative, and innovative. Therefore, we conducted a knowledge transfer to SMK Taruna Bangsa in the Wuling Bakti Pendidikan program. This activity is not just a form of our collaboration with vocational schools, but a tangible manifestation of ‘Drive for A Better Life’ spirit for a better life through good quality education,” explained Taufik S. Arief as Aftersales Director of Wuling Motors.

Wuling Berikan beragam dukungan untuk pacu kualitas pendidikan di SMK Taruna Bangsa – Pati dengan knowledge transfer 1000x666

To support the learning process in the light vehicle (automotive) engineering expertise program, Wuling provides 1 unit of turbo engine assy and 1 unit of CVT transmission assy for training media for students. In addition, Wuling also provided 1 set of learning modules in the form of a machine & CVT curriculum book and 1 set of mechanical service manual. Experienced guest teachers and lecturers will also be present to provide thematic training and teaching Wuling’s curriculum. Each learning activity will be aligned with the latest industrial developments by utilizing Wuling’s technology as a direct training medium. Through this program, Wuling also provides convenience for the service of SMK Taruna Bangsa’s Almaz RS and opens opportunities for students who want to be part of Wuling.

Wuling Confero S yang dimiliki oleh SMK Taruna Bangsa Pati memberikan kemudahan dalam kegiatan operasional sehari hari 1000x667

The Principal of the Taruna Bangsa Vocational School, Dwi Arum Mulyani, S.Psi., positively welcomed the Wuling Bakti Pendidikan program which is running now. “We are grateful for the opportunity that Wuling has given to our students to be able to directly receive learning and training from Wuling. This collaboration is certainly a great start in efforts to improve the quality of education in vocational schools. Hopefully this good step can be maintained in order to create workforces that is ready to face future industrial developments,” said Dwi Arum Mulyani.

Wuling memberikan 1 unit mesin 1 unit transmisi 1 set modul pembelajaran berupa buku kurikulum mesin cvt serta 1 set service manual panduan mekanik untuk pembelajaran 1000x667

“We hope that the Wuling Bakti Pendidikan program can better prepare vocational students to become high-quality workers through various learnings of the latest innovations from the automotive industry,” added Bambang Sumitro as HR Director Wuling Motors.



About Wuling Motors

Wuling Motors was officially established in Indonesia in July 2017. The company’s long-term commitment is shown through the inauguration of a 60-hectare factory and Supplier Park in Cikarang, West Java. The first product from Wuling Motors, the Confero series which was launched in August 2017, has received the ICOTY 2017 award in the small MPV category, ICOTY 2018 in the Best Value for Money category by Mobilmotor Magazine, and the Rookie Of The Year version of the OTOMOTIF AWARD 2018. Then, Cortez was debuted February 2018 won the Best Medium MPV title at ICOTY 2018 by Mobilmotor Magazine, and Best Total Cost Ownership Medium MPV at the 2019 Gridoto Award. Cortez CT also won the Best Medium MPV title at the 2019 and 2020 Gridoto Awards as well as the Best of Medium MPV Gasoline version of the OTOMOTIF AWARD 2019 and 2020. Wuling Motors also presents its first Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) product through Formo which was introduced in November 2018. Wuling’s fourth product, Smart Technology SUV, Almaz, was launched in February 2019 and has won various awards. Starting from the 2019 Innovation Appreciation in the Technology category by Koran Sindo and Sindonews.com, Carvaganza Editors’ Choice Award 2019, FORWOT Car Of The Year 2019, Car of The Year and Best Medium SUV version of the Gridoto Award 2019, the first title in Indonesia from TRAS N CO Indonesia and INFOBRAND.ID, awards in the ‘The Best Innovation in Marketing’ category from the 2020 Marketing Awards, and Indonesia Digital Popular Brand 2021 from INFOBRAND.ID. The Wuling Almaz RS which carries the concept of an intelligent digital car has also received the title Car Of The Year 2021 and Best of High SUV Gasoline from Tabloid Otomotif, TOP Innovation Choice Award 2021 from TRAS N CO Indonesia and INFOBRAND.ID and Best Innovation Award from Carvaganza Editors’ Choice Award 2021. Wuling Motors is committed to continuing to provide products and services that meet the needs of the Indonesian people.

About SMK Taruna Bangsa Pati

SMK Taruna Bangsa Pati is a middle-level educational institution that was established in 2008 under the auspices of the Nurul Khosyi’in Islamic Education Foundation. At the beginning of its founding year, SMK Taruna Bangsa opened one department, namely Light Vehicle Engineering with a total of 52 students and 15 educators and education staff. In its journey, SMK Taruna Bangsa has increased public trust every year, as evidenced by the number of students who experience a significant increase every year. SMK Taruna Bangsa Pati in 2012 obtained an accredited “B” predicate from the National Accreditation Board for Schools/Madrasah and now has 3 majors/competencies of expertise, namely Automotive Light Vehicle Engineering (TKRO), Computer and Network Engineering (TKJ), and Motorcycle Engineering and Business (TBSM) with approximately 530 students and 52 educators and education staffs.

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