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Wuling Carries ‘Experience The Next Innovation’ Theme at IIMS Hybrid 2022

31 March, 2022

Image Wuling Carries ‘Experience The Next Innovation’ Theme at IIMS Hybrid 2022

Featuring a complete product line with innovations including the New Cortez and Wuling GSEV sketch


Jakarta, 31 March 2022 – Wuling Motors (Wuling) participates in the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) Hybrid this year carrying the theme of ‘Experience The Next Innovation’. The title is selected by Wuling to showcase the visitors an experience with the latest innovations applied to its product line, including the New Cortez, which has just launched on March 24, 2022. Furthermore, during this automotive exhibition, Wuling also announces publicly the sketch of Wuling GSEV.

“In Wuling’s participation in IIMS Hybrid 2022, we carry ‘Experience The Next Innovation’, which focuses on the driving experience with the support of the latest innovations. This theme is our spirit for pursuing to be the best through innovation experiences both in terms of products and services as well as dedication to consumers. Further, Wuling’s commitment to innovation continues with The Next Generation Wuling GSEV Sketch Reveal which will be marketed this year,” explained Han Dehong as Vice President of Wuling Motors.

Dr. HC Ir. Airlangga Hartarto M.B.A M.M.T. Mengunjungi Booth Wuling di IIMS Hybrid 2022 dan mencoba platform GSEV 1000x666

Wuling takes part at IIMS Hybrid 2022 occupying booth D9 of an 868 square meter area, hall D, JIEXPO Kemayoran from March 31 to April 10, 2022. The product line on display with the latest innovations from Wuling is Almaz ‘Drive Unlimited Way’, Almaz RS ‘Intelligent Digital Car’, to the New Cortez ‘Innovating Comfort Zone’. These three models are equipped with modern innovations. Starting from the Wuling Indonesian Command or WIND in Almaz, Almaz RS, and New Cortez. Then, the Internet of Vehicle (IoV) was applied to Almaz RS and New Cortez. Then finally, the Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) is embedded in the Wuling SUV flagship, Almaz RS. Wuling also displayed the GSEV platform as a form of Wuling’s readiness to participate in the era of electric cars in Indonesia.

Wuling menempati booth D9 seluas 868m2 hall D JIEXPO Kemayoran dari 31 Maret hingga 10 April 2022 membawa Tema ‘Experience The Next Innovation’ di IIMS Hybrid 2022 1000x667

Special at IIMS Hybrid 2022, Wuling brings its newest MPV model which was launched a few days ago, which is the New Cortez. This MPV which carries the tagline ‘Innovating Comfort Zone’ is the third product from Wuling that is embedded with WIND innovation, an advanced Indonesian voice command feature for operating driving features. In addition, the New Cortez is Wuling’s second model that is equipped with IoV for the interconnection of the driver and the car through applications and internet networks. As a sign of the sophistication of this MPV through a variety of advanced innovations, the New Cortez appears with Wuling a Silver Logo identity.

Ki Ka Han Dehong bersama dengan Wang Dao Bing Selaku Vice President Wuling Motors bersama New Cortez Innovating Comfort Zone. Model terbaru ini merupakan Smart MPV dengan inovasi WIND dan IoV_ 1000x697

Currently, the New Cortez is marketed with a special launching price, where the New Cortez CE is at Rp287.300.000 and the New Cortez EX is at Rp325.650.000. However, with the current PPnBM subsidies from Wuling, the price will be placed at Rp.273.800.000 for New Cortez CE and New Cortez EX Rp310.650.000 (OTR Jakarta).

New Cortez dipasarkan dengan special launching price dan subsidi PPnBM dari Wuling. Harga New Cortez diniagakan mulai dari Rp273.800.000 Jakarta 1000x668

“In this exhibition, consumers can try the New Cortez, a comfortable Smart MPV, and the Almaz RS equipped with ADAS in the IIMS Hybrid 2022 test drive area. In addition, we bring a sketch of The Next Generation GSEV. Let’s visit the Wuling Motors booth at IIMS Hybrid 2022 and experience firsthand the advanced experiences and innovations at the Wuling booth through innovative product lines and the GSEV platform displayed during the exhibition,” said Han Dehong.

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