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Wuling Collaborates with Rumah Zakat to Donate Non-Medical Masks and Basic Food Needs

3 June, 2020

Image Wuling Collaborates with Rumah Zakat to Donate Non-Medical Masks and Basic Food Needs

Cooperating to help the people of Desa Berdaya in West Java and Special Region of Yogyakarta

Jakarta, 3 June 2020 – Today, Wuling Motors (Wuling) handovered 60.000 non-medical masks and 600 basic food needs packages to Rumah Zakat in Jatinegara, East Jakarta. This handover was part of the corporate social responsibility program called #WithWulingAgainstCorona. The donation was given symbolically by Taufik S. Arief as the Aftersales Director Wuling Motors to Irvan Nugraha as the Marketing Director Rumah Zakat.

“We realize that living in this pandemic is not easy. Therefore, we would like to share together with Rumah Zakat to the people in Desa Berdaya, who are spread across West Java and Yogyakarta, through the #WithWulingAgainstCorona program. Supported by the spirit of ‘Drive For A Better Life’, we hope that Wuling can contribute to relieve the people’s burden so social and economic activities can back on track without forgetting the health protocol including the use of masks,” said Taufik S. Arief as Aftersales Director Wuling Motors.

Donasi Sembako dan Masker Wuling disalurkan melalui Rumah Zakat kepada Desa Berdaya di Jawa Barat dan D.I. Yogyakarta 1000x667

All donation of non-medical masks and basic food needs packages will be distributed to 52 Desa Berdaya, located in 16 cities/districts in West Java, which are Bandung, Bogor, Ciamis, Cianjur, Cimahi, Cirebon, Garut, Indramayu, Kuningan, Majalengka, Pangandaran, Purwakarta, Subang, Sukabumi, Sumedang, and Tasikmalaya as well as Yogyakarta city in the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

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Previously, in November 2019, Wuling and Rumah Zakat have officially collaborated in organizing ambulance and mobile clinics. This time, Rumah Zakat appreciated Wuling’s move once again to work together to help the people in Desa Berdaya by donating non-medical masks and basic food needs packages given by Wuling.

DSCF1351 1000x667

“We warmly welcome Wuling’s initiative which is manifested in the #BersamaWulingLawanCorona activity. We hope that the donations will bring benefits to help maximize the supply of food and masks for people in Desa Berdaya who were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic,” explained Irvan Nugraha.

Furthermore, Taufik S. Arief also added, “Wuling continues to provide the best support for the country through collaboration with various parties. May the donation of Masks For You with Wuling Against Corona be able to help and support the adaptation to the new normal.”

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As additional information, Desa Berdaya is a community empowerment program managed by Rumah Zakat. A total of 1,684 Desa Berdaya are fostered throughout Indonesia swith 4 excellent programs implemented to empower rural communities, namely the Entrepreneurship Program, the Health Program, the Educational Program, and the Environmental Conservation or Natural Cultivation Program. All programs are well organized with the empowerment system carried out by Inspirational Volunteers in each village.


About Wuling Motors

PT SGMW Motor Indonesia (Wuling Motors) was officially established in Indonesia on July 2017. The long-term commitment by the company was shown through the inauguration of the factory and 60 hectares Supplier Park in Cikarang, West Java. The first product from Wuling Motors, Confero series which was launched on August 2017, has received ICOTY 2017 award in the Small MPV category, ICOTY 2018 in Best Value for Money category by Mobilmotor magazine, and Rookie of The Year in OTOMOTIF AWARD 2018 version. Moreover, Cortez which was launched on February 2018 received Best Medium MPV award in ICOTY 2018 by Mobilmotor magazine, and Best Total Cost Ownership Medium MPV on the Gridoto Award 2019. Cortez CT also won Best Medium MPV on the Gridoto Award 2019 and Best of Medium MPV Gasoline in OTOMOTIF AWARD 2019 and 2020. Wuling Motors also presented its first Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) product with Formo, which was introduced on November 2018. Wuling’s 4th product, Smart Technology SUV, Almaz, was launched on February 2019 and has received a number of awards. From the Apresiasi Inovasi 2019 in Technology category by Koran Sindo and Sindonews.com, Carvaganza Editors’ Choice Award 2019, FORWOT Car Of The Year 2019, and named as Car of The Year dan Best Medium SUV in Gridoto Award 2019 version. Wuling Motors committed to keep bringing products and services that are suitable with the needs of Indonesians.

About Rumah Zakat

Rumah Zakat is a philanthropy institute that manages zakat (alms), infaq (donation) and sedekah (charity), and other social funds through community empowerment programs. Empowerment programs are realized through four groups, which are Senyum Juara (education), Senyum Sehat (health), Senyum Mandiri (economy empowerment), and Senyum Lestari (environmental sustainability initiatives). Rumah Zakat has the vision to be an international philanthropy institute based on professional empowerment and missions to actively build international philanthropy networks, facilitate community autonomy, and optimize resources in all aspects through human excellence. Rumah Zakat carries the value of Trusted (running the business professionally, transparently and trustworthy), Progressive (always be bold in innovating and educating to achieve more benefit), and Humanitarian (facilitate all humanitarian effort genuinely and universally for all humankind).

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