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Wuling Has Now Arrived for Businessmen

21 November, 2018

Image Wuling Has Now Arrived for Businessmen

With the call to Drive for a Better Life, one of our goals at Wuling is to be able to provide choices that every Indonesian can take benefit from. We laid the groundwork for this business by presenting the Confero and Cortez series, that provides not only positive support for the needs of the mobility of Indonesian families, but also for young individuals who aspire success.

By the third year of our presence in Indonesia, we continue to work and strive to reach more Indonesians in farther cities by responding to their needs to be more productive and effective in supporting their businesses. We’ve received many positive feedbacks about entrepreneurs’needs in the services of transportation for people, goods, and even formal office businesses with employee-first way of conduct.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018, Formo was officially launched in Jakarta. This is the latest series from Wuling that is able to answer the needs of entrepreneurs for those who are just kick-starting their businesses, and those who want to refresh their working culture so that their businesses are enforced to provide excellent service. Formo’s presence signifies Wuling as the new choice in the country’s Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) segment, presented in two variants, which are minibus and blind van.

Blind Van

With the continuous competition in the business world, logistics is one factor that is rarely understood by consumers, but is an important element for the business to run smoothly. Our customers have voiced their desires and needs for vehicles with spacious capacity capable of transporting their fruit logistics, convection businesses with rolls of fabric that must be transported at the same time for cost efficiency, and dozens of boxes and packages to be transported from one address to another.

With a spacious cargo space, providing comfort in carrying stuffs, Formo Blind Van is truly the right choice for businessmen to support the sustainability of their business.


As the name implies, this Minibus model of Formo is indeed designed to ease business owners of people transportation service to function more efficiently. Modern and dynamic body design, with 7-seats or 8-seat options, and an ergonomic left-most seat design, making it easy to be folded, so passengers can easily get in and out of the third row. Equipped with various features of supporting utilities, as well as the engine placement in the front side, which reduces noise in the cabin.

For formal office business owners who want to prioritize the ease of transportation of their employees or even public transport owners, the Formo Minibus series is the definite choice to answer their needs. Not only in terms of price, but also in terms of body design and engine system.

Both Formo series come with easy maintenance, and more competitive ownership costs. With prices starting from IDR135.8 million, business owners are now facilitated with the Formo variant to support the smooth running of their business. Have you tried it? If not, then go visit the nearest dealer today and don’t let yourself miss it. Drive for a Better Life and wishing you success for your business!

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