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Wuling Holds Education and Ramadan CSR Activities

27 May, 2019

Image Wuling Holds Education and Ramadan CSR Activities

Donation was given to SDN Sukamahi 02, orphans, and several mosques in Central Cikarang

Cikarang, May 27, 2019 – PT SGMW Motor Indonesia (Wuling Motors) and PT SAIC International Indonesia provided donations for 202 students at SDN Sukamahi 02 Cikarang Pusat, Bekasi Regency, West Java on May 16, 2019. The donation was in the form of school supplies for each student such as 2 sets of uniforms, bags, books and stationery, as well as school shoes. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity is a tangible manifestation of Wuling Motors and PT SAIC International Indonesia’s concern for education in Indonesia.

Wuling_memberikan_perlengkapan_sekolah_untuk_setiap_siswa_dalam_bentuk_2_set_seragam_tas_buku_dan_alat_tulis_serta_sepatu_sekolah 1000x667

“Community‚Äôs welfare is inseparable from good education. Therefore, Wuling realizes the concern for education by providing donation based on the spirit of Drive For A Better Life and one of the values of our company, ‘Learning and Innovation’. We believe that in the long time, support for education will not only expand knowledge, but at the same time can improve the welfare of the community,” explained David Chen as Vice President of Wuling Motors.

The symbolic handover of the donation was carried out by David Chen representing Wuling Motors with the Muspika (District Leadership Conference) Central Cikarang represented by Mr. Endin Samsudin as Head of Cikarang Pusat, AKP Somantri as Head of Central Cikarang Sector Police and Mr Ada as Sukamahi Village Head to the school represented by Mr. Hadith as the Principal of SDN Sukamahi 02.

David_Chen_Vice_President_Wuling_Motors_mendonasikan_peralatan_sekolah_bagi_para_siswa_SDN_Sukamahi_02 1000x667

In addition, to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, Wuling Motors also held CSR for the community and orphans at the Jami Nurussaadah Mosque, Central Cikarang on May 21, 2019. Wuling donated a set of prayer equipment and clothes to 178 orphans also Al-Qur’an and prayer equipment for 10 mosques in Central Cikarang. This CSR activity was attended by Wuling management, local government, DKM Mosque, community leaders, community and orphans from Sukamahi village, Hegarmukti village, Karang Mukti village and Karang Harum village.

The donation was symbolically given by Mr. Arif Pramadana as Senior Director of Wuling Motors, Mr. Bambang Sumitro as Director of HR at Wuling Motors, and Mr. Endin Samsudin as Sub-District Head of Central Cikarang and representatives of orphans from the Nurussaadah Foundation, administrators of At-Tin Orphans, and DKM representatives of 10 Mosques in Central Cikarang.

“Through the donations that have been given, we hope to be able to provide benefits through school supplies to increase students’ enthusiasm for learning and prayer equipment that can make people more enthusiastic in worshiping and fasting,” added David Chen.

For information, previously Wuling has also held CSR activities in the Cikarang area such as donation in renovating and repairing school buildings in SDN Sukamahi 03 Cikarang, reforesting programs, and donating mosque domes.

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