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Wuling Indonesian Command Wins 2019 Apresiasi Inovasi Award

2 August, 2019

Image Wuling Indonesian Command Wins 2019 Apresiasi Inovasi Award

Advanced Indonesian language voice command innovation received the title in the technology category

Jakarta, August 1 2019 – Wuling Motors (Wuling) won an award at the Apresiasi Inovasi ‘Become Innovative In The Disruptive Era’ which was held at the Westin Hotel Grand Ballroom, Wednesday (07/31) last night. Wuling Indonesian Command (WIND), sophisticated Indonesian language voice command equipped in Almaz won appreciation for the technology category in this event.

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“We are grateful for the appreciation given to Wuling Indonesian Command. This appreciation is certainly be the spirit for us to continue to innovate in presenting a variety of products and services to encourage Indonesian people towards a better life in line with the spirit of Drive For A Better Life,” said Dian Asmahani as Wuling Motors’ Senior Brand Manager.

The Apresiasi Inovasi program itself is a commitment from KORAN SINDO and SINDONews.com in giving appreciation to innovations produced by Indonesian companies. Assessment is carried out on innovation in various fields. There was a total of 18 awards given in this year’s Apresiasi Inovasi event with various categories such as products, technology, services to CSR.

About Wuling Indonesian Command or WIND, was officially introduced to the latest Almaz variant on July 18, 2019, in GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2019. This sophisticated voice command can allow users to do commands in Indonesian every day to turn on, turn off , or operate a variety of vehicle features, ranging from air conditioners, windows, panoramic sunroofs, access to entertainment features such as music or radio, making phone calls, running applications such as Wuling Link or TPMS, to present time and date information.

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“Voice commands contained in WIND also have many variations of choices, so they can be more practical and become more flexible for users. Even settings that use numbers such as regulating the temperature of the air conditioner, mentioning telephone numbers until choosing frequencies can also be done easily. With this innovation, it certainly presents a modern and enjoyable driving experience,” added Dian Asmahani.

WIND is the first Indonesian language voice command technology in the Indonesian automotive market. This innovation is available in all variants of Smart Technology SUV, Almaz, both for Smart Enjoy and Exclusive. With the presence of these advanced features, contributing in order to form a smart ecosystem in the era of modern mobility, which is the first step for Wuling to actualize a smart, integrated, and also interconnected vehicle.

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