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Wuling Interconnected Smart Ecosystem is Introduced in Indonesia

28 January, 2021

Image Wuling Interconnected Smart Ecosystem is Introduced in Indonesia

Wuling’s latest innovation integrating Internet Car and Advanced Driver Assistance System

Cikarang, 28 January 2021 Entering 2021, Wuling Motors (Wuling) introduced a new innovation presented in Indonesia, namely Wuling Interconnected Smart Ecosystem or WISE. This technology creates a smart ecosystem where users and their vehicles can connect to each other via an internet connection, so that users can exercise various controls from application on smartphone or head unit. In addition, WISE also includes an Advanced Driver Assistance System or ADAS which helps drivers when driving in various conditions that increases safety and comfort.

Danang Wiratmoko dan Suhendri Laiman selaku Product Planning Wuling Motors memperkenalkan Wuling Interconnected Smart Ecosystem hari ini 281 secara virtual 1000x563

“As a form of our commitment, continue to innovate in providing the best for Indonesia and in line with the spirit of Drive For A Better Life, this time we present Wuling Interconnected Smart Ecosystem or WISE. With this technology, we hope it can be the answer of people’s needs in the era of modern mobility and provide driving convenience in the future,” explained Yin Yi, Brand & Marketing Director of Wuling Motors.

One part of WISE is the Internet Car. This innovation can connect users with vehicles through smartphone and head unit. The features that can be arranged via smartphone consists of Vehicle Positioning, Vehicle Remote Control, Geo-Fencing Security, and Bluetooth Key. Meanwhile, the internet connection on the head unit is Online Navigation, Online Music and Internet Messaging App. The three functions are supported by Bahasa Indonesia voice command, the Wuling Indonesian Command (WIND).

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Suhendri Laiman as Wuling Motors Product Planning stated, “Users can easily take control in one hand to use the navigation facility, listen to music, and reply to messages. In addition, this innovation will also enable users to always know the location of the vehicle so that security is always maintained wherever and whenever.”

The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), which is under the umbrella of WISE innovation, is divided into four categories. The first category is Adaptive Cruise which consists of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Bend Cruise Assistance (BCA), Traffic Jam Assistance (TJA), and Intelligent Cruise Assistance (ICA). The next category is Lane Recognition which is supported by Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA). Then, the third category, namely Safe Distance & Braking Assistance equipped with Safe Distance Warning (SDW), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Intelligent Hydraulic Braking Assistance (IHBA), Collision Mitigation System (CMS). Meanwhile, the last category, Automatic Light, is accommodated through Intelligent Head Beam Assistance (IHMA).

“WISE supports safe and responsible driving habits through the presence of ADAS. We hope that with this innovation, users can drive more easily in various conditions. All of the features in ADAS are able to increase driver’s awareness so that it can reduce the risk of accidents that may occur,” said Danang Wiratmoko, Product Planning of Wuling Motors.


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