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Wuling Motors’ Factory Adapts Global Manufacturing System

17 July, 2017

Image Wuling Motors’ Factory Adapts Global Manufacturing System

A global standard system to build high-quality cars  

Cikarang, 11 July 2017 – PT SGMW Motor Indonesia’s (Wuling Motors) factory in Cikarang, West Java having its Grand Opening and starts its operations for mass productions today. The factory will produce Wuling Confero and Confero S, that is scheduled to be launched for the Indonesian market in August. The factory adapts the ‘Global Manufacturing System’ (GMS) of General Motors and will have annual production capacity of 120,000 units, providing Indonesians with new option.

‘Global Manufacturing System’ (GMS) is used on every GM (General Motors) factory all over the world, including SGMW Indonesia, and ensures the factory meets the international standard.

“GMS technology emphasizes the importance of the involvement of individuals, the achievement of quality in every process, and foster enthusiasm in making changes and improvements. Therefore, we will be able to achieve efficient manufacturing process and deliver high quality products,” said Xu Feiyun, President of PT SGMW Motor Indonesia.

Wuling Motors’ factory has four manufacturing facilities equipped with global high-standard equipment and advanced technology to ensure the quality of manufacturing and product. They are the Press Shop Area, an area to produce metal component or known as stamping process, the Body Shop Area, that is designed to combine all the metal components with welding process, Paint Shop Area, to paint all eligible car body with leading painting technology and lastly General Assembly Area, designed to install all the automobile components, completed with quality detection system.

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The Stamping Process of Wuling Motors’ factory Press Shop uses the advanced technology of fully automatic press line. Aside from the fact that it is a fully automatic press line, the technology has a large side panel that could stamp the outer body of the car in one press. The Press Shop is also equipped with highly precision Production Line with robotic handling system that are used to automatically transfer the outer body parts to the press line at maximum beat up to 14 parts per minute.

To combine all the metal components with Welding Process, the Body Shop is equipped with leading technology of FANUC robotics welding technology to ensure the consistent accuracy and high-quality Welding. The Welding equipment uses OBARA Welding Equipment, that is proven as leading Welding Equipment. To ensure the Welding Process result, the welded body will then be tested by using the highly accurate 3-dimensions Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).

Passing the test, the car body will enter the Paint Shop of the factory for Painting process. The Paint Shop is a fully enclosed plant with mechanical ventilation to control the temperature and humidity in spray room in order to achieve a clean paint shop environment. The painting process applies 3C1B (3-coat 1-bake) process or three coats are applied in one curing process.

Lastly, in Wuling Motors’ factory, the General Assembly are designed with robotics technology that configured to install the glass sealers window glass coating. The General Assembly area is also equipped with automatic liquid filling system (brake, radiator and refrigerant fluid) to ensure accuracy and speedy process.

Meanwhile, the Atlas Copco technology will handle the tightening equipment torque control system. To ensure the quality of the product, the factory uses the technology of Burke E. Porter (BEP) DVT or Dynamic Vehicle Test to ensure every component has installed properly and the car is fit to be driven.

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To make the production process more efficient, the logistics of the factory are equipped with advanced SPS (Set Part System) material distribution system with technology of scientific error prevention that improves the efficiency of the production main line.

“We understand that Indonesians want a high-quality product, supported by after-sales service, spare part availability as well as financial support scheme. That is why, in addition to adapting GMS to ensure we produce high-quality products, we will also provide 50 3S (Sales, Service, Sparepart) dealerships across Indonesia in 2017. We believe our products will be well accepted by Indonesian public as Confero S is a result of our listening and understanding to Indonesia’s needs,” added Xu Feiyun.

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