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Wuling Motors’ Factory Opening, Starts to Mass Produce Confero S

19 July, 2017

Image Wuling Motors’ Factory Opening, Starts to Mass Produce Confero S

3,000 Indonesian resources to be involved in the manufacturing process

Cikarang, July 11, 2017 – The factory of PT SGMW Motor Indonesia (Wuling Motors) starts its operations for mass production today. The Company is now preparing for the mass production of Wuling Confero S, its first product under the brand Wuling Motors for Indonesian market. With estimated total of 3,000 Indonesian workers involved in the whole industry chain upstream & downstream, Confero S is scheduled to be launched to Indonesian public in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

Wuling Motors marked a construction of its factory and Supplier Park with a groundbreaking ceremony in August 2015. The total investment of Wuling Motors’ project in Indonesia is worth USD700 million. “The construction of Wuling Motors’ first factory outside China marks our strong and long commitment to penetrate to Indonesian market.

With a total of 3,000 Indonesian resources involved in the whole industry chain upstream & downstream, we are also ready to contribute to Indonesia’s economic growth, particularly to the automotive industry. Today’s event also reflects our important milestone for the existence of Wuling Motors brand in Indonesia,” said SGMW Motor Indonesia President Xu Feiyun.

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In addition to apply the global high-standardized equipment and advanced technology, Wuling Motors’ factory also incorporates global technology of General Motors (GM) called the ‘Global Manufacturing System’ (GMS), which is being used on every GM factory all over the world, ensures the factory meets with international standards. This system will enable Wuling Motors to achieve efficient manufacturing process and high-quality result. Additionally, Wuling Motors also builds Supplier Park in its factory area to support the project.

Wuling Motors has currently bring in 15 reputable international component suppliers to be located within its Supplier Park and also work with more than 20 local component suppliers. The supplier partners include Bosch, Continental, and PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk. They have also started to operate aligned with the start of production in Wuling Motors’ factory.

“As part of our localization strategy, 56% of the components for Wuling Motors’ first MPV will be coming from local. We also plan to continue increasing the number of local components in our products in the future as we are looking forward to more local component suppliers to join us in our Supplier Park,” added Xu Feiyun.

Wuling Motors’ commitment is not only about factory construction. “It’s always been our desire to also develop Indonesia’s human resources, by, one of the ways, initiating scholarship program. A total of 130 graduated students have gone to China to continue their study to China and soon will be entitled to an opportunity to work and have promising career pathway with Wuling Motors,” said Xu Feiyun.

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Xu Feiyun also added, “As we have started our mass production, this means we will soon launch our first product for Indonesia. We are very enthusiastic to present Confero S to Indonesian public in August. This product has been through our intensive research and is developed based on our understanding on Indonesians’ needs. In addition, our Wuling Confero S is created based on the spirit to be with customers in achieving their dream for a better life. Confero S exists to Drive For A Better Life of our Indonesian customers.”

Wuling Motors is currently building up its sales and service network nationwide. A total of 50 sales and service points will be ready to serve Indonesian customers in 2017. Additionally, attractive financial schemes are also being prepared by partnering with several major financing institutions in Indonesia as Wuling Motors understands that financing is an important factor that determines customers’ decision making.

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