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Wuling Motors Joins 2016 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show

11 August, 2016

Image Wuling Motors Joins 2016 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show

Jakarta, 11 August 2016 – Wuling Motors (Wuling) will exhibit at Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2016 to show its commitment to be in Indonesia for the long-term by LISTENING, UNDERSTANDING, and CREATING for Indonesia. This brand proposition is reflected in all concepts and activities at Wuling’s booth for GIIAS 2016, located at Booth 2A, Hall 3, ICE Convention, BSD City, Tangerang, Banten.  Through listening and understanding Indonesians needs and wishes, Wuling aims to create better products and services for customers and achieve its vision to be a strong competitor in Indonesia’s automotive industry.

GIIAS 2016 represents the first time for Wuling to introduce its brand direct to the public in Indonesia. Wuling Motors President Xu Feiyun said at Wuling Press Conference (11/08) at GIIAS 2016.

“Our participation at GIIAS reflects our genuine enthusiasm to be part of Indonesia’s automotive players. We would like to introduce our brand proposition, which is to Listen, Understand, and Create for Indonesia; we show the miniature of our factory and supplier park; we have cars we brought over from China on display; all of these are trying to make Indonesian get better understanding on who we are, and they also show how serious we are to enter Indonesia’s competitive automotive market.”

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Wuling is currently constructing a factory and Supplier Park in Cikarang, West Java, of which a 1:500 scale model appears in Wuling’s booth at GIIAS. Accompanied by Wuling Motors management, Xu Feiyun unveiled the factory model at the Wuling Press Conference at GIIAS 2016.

“We plan to be in Indonesia for the long term. That is why we start by building a factory and Supplier Park so we can better service Indonesian customers. You can see from the factory model that we are serious about producing better cars for Indonesians and to ensure our excellent after-sales service commitment,” added Xu Feiyun.

The factory and Supplier Park is located in a 60 Ha of land in Greenland International Industrial Center (GIIC), Cikarang, West Java. Construction has reached 60% completion and is on-schedule. This project is estimated to create around 3,000 jobs for local people as well as for the industry chain upstream and downstream, making a significant contribution to Indonesia’s automotive industry.

Aside from product launch preparation, Wuling is also preparing to establish dealerships to provide sales, services across the nation, targeting to have more than 50 sales and service points by the time of its first product launch. The financial scheme is also being prepared to offer Indonesian customers with fast and easy access to its products.

In addition, Wuling is providing opportunities with upcoming Indonesian talent, by giving scholarships to 63 students to continue their study in China. Wuling has also established an Indonesia-China Automotive Education and Training Center in Karawang, in partnership with one of vocational schools in the area.

”We invite everyone to come to our booth at GIIAS 2016 and share their feedback on what kind of cars you would like to have for you and your family. Your feedback will help us to better understand what you’re looking for, so we can create cars that you really need,” invited Xu Feiyun. Wuling is optimistic that its products will be well received by Indonesian public as it is committed to provide customers with high-quality product and services, as well as provide best experience for customers, in design, comfort, and most importantly, value for money.

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Wuling is a brand under SAIC GM Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd (SGMW), a leading automotive company in China that recorded 2,040,007 units for sales volume in 2015, and has positioned itself as the first automotive manufacturer with annual production exceeding 2 million units in China. SGMW is also positioned as no. 1 in terms of sales volume for a single automotive company in China for 10 years. The company continues to grow stronger this year as the sales from January to June 2016 have already reached more than 1 million units.

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