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Wuling Presents ‘Mendadak Reuni’, a Romantic Comedy Drama Web Series

13 November, 2021

Image Wuling Presents ‘Mendadak Reuni’, a Romantic Comedy Drama Web Series

Audiences will get the chance to get free GIIAS 2021 tickets and other various attractive prizes

South Tangerang, November 13th 2021 – In order to enliven the 2021 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) which will be held until November 21, 2021 at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City, Wuling Motors (Wuling) presents its newest web series, entitled ‘Mendadak Reuni’. Aired for the first time on the Wuling Motors ID Youtube channel on November 2, 2021, this web series invite audiences to feel the euphoria of being reconnected with old friends, especially during this pandemic.

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“By bringing the theme of the month #MendadakReuni, Wuling wants to restore the spirit for adventure that was lost due to the pandemic, one of which is by a reunion. Through the web series ‘Mendadak Reuni’, Wuling also wants to invite the public to celebrate the euphoria of reuniting with relatives, friends, and colleagues anywhere, including at the GIIAS 2021 event which is now being held again,” explained Yusuf Anshori, Digital & Advertising Communication Manager Wuling Motors.

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Wuling presents a web series ‘Mendadak Reuni’ with a friendship theme and comedy drama genre. This web series tells about the lives of three friends, played by Shandy William as Raka, Canti Tachril as Dina, and Kevin Julio as Ben who have been separated for 7 years. The three of them have a time capsule box containing their respective hopes. They also exchanged keys and promised to meet again and open the box when they met seven years later.

Consisting of 4 episodes with a short duration, each episode tells the story of the lives and struggles of each individual until they finally meet again after being separated for so many years in an unexpected meeting. There is also a supporting character, namely Revaldo as Seno who will add some excitement of this friendship journey story.

Wuling also provides exciting activities for the audience of Mendadak Reuni, such as the opportunity to win free tickets to go with friends to GIIAS 2021 by visiting wuling.id/id/mendadak-reuni/ link and answering quiz related to the web series Mendadak Reuni. After that, participants must fill in their personal data and the personal data of their friends who will be invited to GIIAS 2021 (for maximum 4 people). Participants with the correct answers will be announced on Wuling’s social media accounts to get free GIIAS 2021 tickets.

Furthermore, there is also a Nge-Reels di GIIAS program to add some excitement of Wuling at GIIAS 2021. Visitors are required to create creative and unique Instagram Reels/TikTok Instagram about Wuling at GIIAS 2021, then tag @wulingmotorsid and @wulingev.id, using the hashtag #ngeReelsdiGIIAS and #MendadakReunidiGIIAS. There are 3 units of iPhone 12 and 5 shopping vouchers worth five hundred thousand which are given to each winner with the most interesting content. Terms and conditions apply.

“Mendadak Reuni web series would be a warm movie that can inspire a group of friends who miss the old memories. Watch the Mendadak Reuni and get the chance to visit GIIAS 2021 for free,” added Yusuf Anshori.

For more information about ‘Mendadak Reuni’, go visit the Wuling Motors ID Youtube Channel or access the wuling.id website page.



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