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This SUV has won many awards, including Car Of The Year from Forwot 2019 and Best Medium SUV from the 2019 Gridoto Award. Wuling Almaz displays a sporty and stylish impression to support work activities or even leisure trips.

Wuling Almaz has the tagline Drive Unlimited Way, which is Almaz is commitment to support you in navigating every terrain and ready to accompany your adventure without worrying. Because Almaz has technology with the best in class features. It is certain that users will feel the sophistication and class of Almaz with the sensation of unlimited driving.

Smart & Technology 

This series puts forward the concept of Smart & Technology that makes life easier. Through its main feature, Wuling Indonesian Command (WIND), which is the first voice command technology in Indonesian. The WIND feature is embedded in the head unit head unit to activate various commands such as turning on, turning off or operating various vehicle features. This includes accessing a variety of entertainment, phone calls to running applications such as Wuling Link

Sporty Exterior

On the exterior, Almaz has a sporty design that can be seen from the Future Eyes LED feature with a dynamic parallel style and two-tone aluminum alloy wheels for an elegant touch. Plus the appearance of the front grille design that is so aggressive shows a dashing but still sporty impression.

Modern & Elegant Interior

Almaz has a choice of 5-seater and 7-seater variants for users who want a sense of relief and comfort with their family while traveling. In the interior, what gives the most an elegant impression are the semi leather seats and the Panoramic Sunroof feature for the two highest variants, the Almaz Exclusive 5-seater and 7-seater.

Interior yang sophisticated dengan soft touch panel menunjukan kesan modern yang cocok untuk kaum urban. Ditambah lagi smart multimedia pada head unit yang begitu canggih membuat perjalanan sangat nyaman dan menyenangkan. Didukung 360 camera display untuk membantu parkir lebih aman dengan melihat dari berbagai sudut.

Details pada storage kabin juga memudahkan Anda untuk menyimpan berbagai barang penting yang bisa disimpan pada slide door pocket atau menyimpan minuman agar tak tumpah pada cup holder di antara tengah jok.

High-quality Machines

The Drive Unlimited Way tagline is representing through the engine in this modern car. That is has a 4-cylinder gasoline engine with 1.500cc capacity turbocharged turbocharged by Honeywell, powered by 140 HP with 250Nm of torque which is the highest torque in its class. 

This performance is transmitted to the front wheels via a CVT from Bosch which produces a smooth and responsive transmission shift with an 8-speed manual option. There are also two driving modes, Eco (E) and Sport (S). 

It also has a ground clearance of 250mm to secure the distance between the car and the road surface, especially when driving on rocky roads. These abilities can take the users on an adventure wherever they go with this stylish vehicle.

Through the advantages of technology to supporting machines and security features, Wuling Almaz is available with prices starting from 250 million rupiah