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Brake Aptly

9 Desember, 2018

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Driving cars is very much related to instinct or in which we often use the term, feeling. Maneuvering in the middle of traffic jams, speeding in the freelanes of the toll road, and the shrewdness of the feet shifting from the gas pedal, clutch, and the brake when passing through high climbs, slopes, and turns, all require hours of experience and that feeling. Added with a strong instinct, they let us know when to step on the gas pedal and when to step on the brake pedal in the midst of the toll booth queue, for example.

The goodness of Confero S and Cortez is that they are complemented by safety features on the wheels, namely ABS (anti-lock braking system) and EBD (electronic brake-fore distribution). Both function of these features help us as the driver to be able to brake more aptly, especially when we have to kick sudden brake. Basically, the presence of EBD enhances the ABS function on the brake, a combination of both allows the car to avoid the possibility of slipping or sliding.

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In addition to your skill in driving and your instincts and feelings when braking, road conditions also play a big role—if it is slippery or sandy, then the possibility of slipping is more likely to occur, so we should be more vigilant in driving on wet or sandy road.

There is one more feature that is related to the ability to brake precisely,which has been implanted in the Cortez series, namely ESC (electronic stability control). This feature will automatically calculate how much traction locking is needed on the front and rear wheels, so that your car does not slip and remain in a controlled position. Other factors such as the weight of the car load and tire pressure will affect the braking process, so always make sure the load does not exceed your Wuling’s capacity and always check the tire pressure condition through the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) on the MID screen behind the steering wheel.

Cortez is also equipped with airbags on the front and side including seat-belt sensors for each seat, so that the safety of each passenger is guaranteed.

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Well, if you now know more about Wuling, take your friends and relatives along to accompany you when test-driving at the authorized workshop network/our authorized dealer here. Or if you meet our sales team at the mall, just go almost and ask when you can do a driving test, either for the Confero, Cortez,or Formo series for your business needs. Now driving feels better, right?

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