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Wuling Has Donated Education Facilities in Cikarang

21 December, 2017

Image Wuling Has Donated Education Facilities in Cikarang

Form of Wuling’s contribution to drives education sector

Cikarang, 20 December 2017 –  PT SGMW Motor Indonesia, brand holder of Wuling Motors (Wuling), has donated school equipment facilities to SD Negeri 03 Sukamahi, Central Cikarang on Monday, 18 December 2017. Collaborated with PT SAIC International Indonesia, PT Puninar Anji NYK Logistics Indonesia (PANLI) and PT ShuangYing International Indonesia, this program was aimed to drive the education development and supporting the improvement of the welfare of the community around the company. This donation became one of the sustainable corporate social responsibility of Wuling Motors.

In the event attended by Commander Kodim 0509 / Kab. Bekasi Lt Col. ARH. Henri Yudi Setiawan, SIPem., Chairman of PGRI Central Cikarang, Endah Sulyana, representative of UPTD Central Cikarang and parent committee of SD Negeri 03 Sukamahi students, Wuling Motors has donated hundreds of sets of tables and chairs for students, bookshelves, document cabinets , whiteboards and equipments for repainting and renovating schools.

Vice President of Wuling Motors David Chen stated, “Welfare improvements can not only be accomplished through economic channels, and we believe that in the long run, support for education will not only broaden knowledge but also improve the welfare of the people.” The program is in line with the Company’s values, namely ‘Learning and Innovation’, where the Company believes that sustainable learning processes will impact on the Company’s success and employee welfares.

In his speech, Principal of SDN 03 Sukamahi, Jumsari gave his appreciation to the donation given Wuling Motors, PT SAIC International Indonesia, PT Puninar Anji NYK Logistics Indonesia (PANLI), and PT ShuangYing International Indonesia. Similarly, the Chairman of PGRI, Endang Sulyana stated that what these four companies do should receive the highest appreciation of the concern for the education sector in Indonesia.

After drape opening procession as a symbol of the donation handover, David Chen, Jumsari, company leaders and invited guests made a visit to the classroom to check out the education equipment facilities that had been handed over to the school. “With the contribution of adequate education equipment, we hope that children can learn more passionately to be a bright and educated young generation for a better future of Indonesia,” added Mr. David.