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Window Film, Need or Not?

22 December, 2017

Image Window Film, Need or Not?

Looking at cars moving around us, seems all of them use window film. Even some are so dark that you can’t see what’s inside. What is the actual function and the regulation on the use of window film?

Functions of Window Film

The use of window film nowadays is not only as accessory. But, there are some other functions:

  1. Reducing the intensity of sunlight

    The main function of window film on your car is to reduce the amount of sunlight entering the cabin. So, the temperature within the cabin will feel more comfortable compared to windows without tinted film. Other than that, the exposure of the sunlight containing ultraviolet and infra red will definitely cause a bad effect for the skin. Using window film, we can reduce that risk.

  2. Save up gas consumption

    Although it may not seem related, but the correct use of window film has proven to save up gas consumption by 10–20%. This is due to better temperature condition inside the cabin by the use of window film. Hence, the AC doesn’t need to work too hard to keep the cabin temperature cool. The ease of AC work makes the engine works easier and less gas consumption.

  3. Safety driving feature

    Nobody wants to experience anything bad while driving. But, when you’re driving anything can happen. The use of window film will really help when there’s any misfortune that may cause pressure or crash on the window. The layer of the tinted film will hold up the shards of glass from scattering and hitting passengers. The broken glass will stick on the film layer.

  4. Keeping privacy

    There are many people who feel disturbed being inside a car with transparent window. Due to this reason, people will install a tinted window film so people on the outside won’t be able to see. This also becomes the reason for safety by preventing people to peek into the cabin in the parking lot. But, there are some people who use a less tinted window film. Some car owners who have done quite a good job in modifying the interior want to flaunt it to people.

  5. Appearing more stylish

    Making your car outlook to be more stylish and modern using the window film can be one of your reasons to install it. Especially now there are more models and colours of window film that you can adjust with the style of your car.
    Not so many people are aware with a few basic materials of window film. Below are the variation of window film and the specifications:

  6. Metal

    Usually this kind of material is not optimised to absorb the heat, on some products this specification is basic. Because the content of this material is quite cheap. If you use internal antennae system, you will need to put it outside firts.

  7. Nano ceramic

    The use of nano ceramic material is through dipping process, hence the durability is longer. There are a few products using this material such as Vkool Super Cool and Ice Berg. The price is quite varied from IDR1.8 million, IDR3 million, up to IDR6 million.

  8. Organic windows

    The price is approximately IDR1.5 million. Generally, there are two variants, black and silver using medium reflective quality because it is not pitch black. There are other variants that possess greenish colour.

Rules of Using Window Film

What is the regulation on the use of window film? Regarding the regulation for window film or window tint in Indonesia it is covered in detailed in the Traffic and Road Transportation Law of the Republic of Indonesia no. 22 year 2009.

But, we can also refer to the international regulation such as the one from the Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE), Department of Transportation US (DOT), Australia Road Safety Standard or Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ) as additional references. A few important points to be highlighted:

  • The level of tint allowed from the use of window film, the range is between 35–40 %. Even that is only for side windows and back shield. The law only allow 20% for the front shield. This is meant for the drivers to still have fine vision ability. Especially when driving during the night.
  • The use of tint window film must not have the potential of high reflective film. Because it may dazzle other drivers on the road hence the possiblity of incident.

If you are not sure which type of window film to be used, then prioritize on how good the window film is able to absorb the heat to minimize the heat in the cabin, and try not to think only about the level of tint. Windows that are too dark may also interfere with the vision outward.

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