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Safe Driving with Confero

21 December, 2018

Image Safe Driving with Confero

When deciding to buy Confero, family is definitely one of the main considerations that flashes in the minds of most users of the Confero series. Wuling’s first model in 2017 is an offer for Indonesian families who prioritize togetherness at all times. The choice of seats that can carry 7 to 8 adults at the same time is an undeniable fact that the Confero series is an MPV car from Wuling that suits the lifestyle of Indonesian people.

However, when driving in a large group, either with family or friends, security and safety are definitely a state that we always want to keep as it is and maintain during the trip. The followings are some features and steps that we can implement so that the situation during any trip remains conducive and safe.

Tire-Pressure Monitoring System

Before traveling, it would be better to first check whether the pressure on each tire is the same and at normal pressure. Then, when all the passengers have taken the seats, we need to check again whether there is any anomaly on the MID screen behind the steering wheel. If the pressure on one tire depletes, we should immediately take it to the nearest workshop or a gas station to replenish the pressure and keep it in the right proportion. The heat of the road/asphalt can affect the condition of air pressure inside the tires, so it would be a good idea to re-check the pressure on the TPMS at intervals, just to be safe.

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Seat-belt Indicator

There’s this sound that will automatically echo in the cabin if one of the passengers neglected to strap on their seat-belt. In Confero series, the MID screen is only able to display the use of seat-belt for the driver’s and front passenger seats, as for Cortez, all seats are equipped with this sensor. So, the driver can be more confident and ready to run the car when all the passengers have strapped on their seat-belts.

4-Point Sensor + Camera + 8″Head Unit

The combination of these three advanced features at Confero S can make you drive forward or reversed with more confidence, especially for those of you who are still nervous to do reversed parking. 2 front-facing sensors are useful to notify you whether the distance is adequate from the other car in front of you, so that you are always in a safe position.

The 2 sensors on the back will beep a sound when the rear of the car is too close to the other car behind or to the wall. As you train your instincts, the camera embedded in the rear door handle will send an image feed to the head unit on the dashboard, so you can get used to do reversed parking next time.

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Follow Me Home

When you arrive at your destination at night and it’s dark, there’s no need to worry. Because after you turn off the engine car, the LED headlights of the car will continue to illuminate and accompany you to open the door of your house for the next 5 minutes. Imagine if you had to return to the car only to turn off the lights after successfully opening the door of the house. Not quite effective, right?

The features that Wuling provides to its users are really expected to positively enhance the driving experience with the Confero series. If you have just decided to make a purchase, then don’t choose the wrong one. Ask our sales partners at the dealers for the type of Confero that suits your income to pay in installments and one that suits your personality. The next step is to drive for a better life! Always remember your family at home when traveling with your Confero.

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