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Covid-19 Vaccination Center #Bersama Wuling Lawan Corona is Held Again

27 August, 2021

Image Covid-19 Vaccination Center #Bersama Wuling Lawan Corona is Held Again

Wuling provides a second dose of vaccination service with Mayapada Hospital for people.

Jakarta, 26 August 2021 – Continuing the free Covid-19 vaccination service that was held last month, today Wuling Motors (Wuling) held a Covid-19 vaccination center for the second dose which is open for public on the 3rd floor of Mal Kelapa Gading 5, Jakarta. Wuling collaborated with Mayapada Hospital as a health service provider to open a free Covid-19 vaccination service until August 29, 2021. This event will target 3,000 participants that has participated in the first dose Covid-19 vaccination on June 2021.

Wuling selenggarakan sentra vaksinasi dosis kedua untuk mendukung percepatan vaksinasi Covid 19 yang dicanangkan oleh pemerintah 1000x667

“This second dose of vaccination service is a form of our continued commitment to support the acceleration of the Covid-19 vaccination directed by the government. In collaboration with Mayapada Hospital, we invite people who have received the first dose of vaccine to participate in this activity for better protection for themselves and others from the risk of Covid-19 transmission. We hope that our program can contribute to the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia and help realize a better life in line with the spirit of ‘Drive For A Better Life‘,” explained Michael Budihardja as Brand and Marketing Director of Wuling Motors.

Wuling bekerja sama dengan Mayapada Hospital sebagai penyedia layanan kesehatan dalam sentra vaksinasi Covid 19 dosis kedua 1000x667

For participants who have received the first dose at the Wuling Vaccination Center, Wuling will send an invitation via Whatsapp. If there are participants who have not received the invitation, please send DM through Instagram to @wulingmotorsid. Meanwhile, for other participants who have received the first dose of vaccine but are outside the Wuling Vaccination Center, they are required to register through Jakarta Kini (Jaki) with limited quota.

Furthermore, the participants are required to show the invitation via Whatsapp to the officers. Participants must also fill in medical history data and check body temperature and blood pressure. Then, participants will be interviewed about their health conditions and history of allergies. After that, participants can get the vaccine and followed by checking for side effects within 20 – 30 minutes. The entire series of processes is carried out by health workers from Mayapada Hospital.

“Wuling continues to strive to support the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic by collaborating with various parties through the #BersamaWulingLawanCorona commitment. Hand in hand, let’s support the acceleration of Covid-19 vaccination and together help Indonesia to rise again,” added Michael Budihardja.

As additional information, #BersamaWulingLawanCorona is a campaign initiated by Wuling since April 2020 to fight the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. Various activities have been carried out in this initiative by collaborating with several parties, ranging from the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Rumah Zakat, Bali United, the NU Cares for Covid-19 Task Force, Muhammadiyah Covid-19 Command Center, Mayapada Hospital, as well as the official Wuling community consisting of Wuling Club Indonesia (WLCI), Cortezian Indonesia (CI), and Wuling Almaz Indonesia (WALI).

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