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MPV Car and the Reasons Why You Must Have It

4 September, 2017

Image MPV Car and the Reasons Why You Must Have It

MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) car is one of car types that are quite high selling in Indonesia. The car type is in high demand by Indonesian families as it can carry more passengers than city cars. Because of its ample capacity, MPV car can surely provide comfort to passengers sitting in it.


Reasons to Choose MPV Car

MPV Car has a lot of functions. No wonder it has become a favorite car. Here are some reasons why many people choose this car type:


  1. Seating capacity. Generally, this car type can carry more passengers up to 8 persons, compared to a sedan which can only carry 5 passengers.
  2. MPV car is able to go through various kinds of terrains, such as damaged roads with potholes and flooded roads.
  3. Anti-flood. MPV car has reasonably high ground clearance, making it very suitable for the contours of roads in Indonesia that are generally uneven.
  4. High resale price. The price of MPV cars is reasonably high due to high demand, even for the used ones. That’s why MPV cars can be resold without worrying about depreciation.
  5. Business opportunities. MPV car is easy for business. Just look at the fact that many car rentals provide MPV cars. MPV car is a choice because it can carry more passengers, which is particularly needed when people have vacation somewhere with family.



Tips for Buying MPV Car

Before you decide to buy an MPV, it’s better to know about these tips in order to help you get the car you really want:


  1. Estimate the number of passengers. Make sure that seating capacity in the car is sufficient to carry the whole family members.
  2. Safety features. MPV car is quite big in size and has a large capacity to carry more than 5 passengers. Therefore, it has to be equipped with safety features like combination of ABS+EBD+BA (Automatic Braking System, Electronic Brake Distribution, Brake Assist), airbags, and seatbelts for passengers.
  3. There are generally two kinds of car transmissions, namely manual and automatic. Consider carefully about which one to choose. Whether it is a car with automatic transmission which is a little bit expensive but can be operated effortlessly, or a car with manual transmission that is cheaper but requires easy maintenance.
  4. Car engine capacity. There are various kinds of engine capacity, from 1,000 cc, 1,100 cc, 1,300 cc and so on. The larger the engine is, the more power it produces.
  5. Engine performance and fuel. You need to check the engine performance in MPV car. Make sure that the car has a good acceleration during gear transmission and efficient fuel consumption.
  6. Seating comfort. Make sure that MPV car has seats that are comfortable and adjustable for both the driver and passengers, made from quality material, and each seat is equipped with seatbelt.
  7. It’s better to choose MPV car of large size so that it has ample space, designed with interesting look, and is supported with interior and exterior features.
  8. Price comparison. Be careful in buying MPV car. Low price doesn’t mean low quality, and vice versa, high priced car doesn’t necessarily mean that the car has better quality. It’s better to do comparison of price and specification beforehand to get the desired MPV car.
  9. After-sales service. The availability of after-sales service will make consumers easier to get warranty, take car for services and get original spare parts.
  10. Calculate maintenance costs. Before buying an MPV car, compare maintenance costs of one car type with those of other similar types, and calculate car maintenance budget you’ll spend in the future.
  11. Consider about car resale price. When you’re deciding to buy a car, consider about its resale price to anticipate boredom you might experience and the wish to trade it other type of car.
  12. Take a test drive. In order to make sure that a car meets your expectations, try to take a test drive yourself.


Alternatives for MPV Cars for Indonesian Families

Among the alternatives for MPV cars for Indonesian families are Wuling Confero and Confero S. Confero S comes with an ample compartment, making it very comfortable. The Confero series have engine capacity of 1,500 cc, produce 107 horsepower at 5,800 rpm, a peak torque value of 142 Nm at 3,800-4,400 rpm, and 5-speed manual transmission.


Choosing the right car for family is surely not an easy thing because of the many alternatives in the market. Therefore, thorough consideration is required before deciding to buy a certain kind of car.

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