Car Grill: The Functions and How To Maintain It

4 May, 2021

Image Car Grill: The Functions and How To Maintain It

There are still many car drivers who do not know the function of the various components on the front of the car. The existence of a car grill is often forgotten because its size is not too big. On the grill, there is usually a company logo. In general, the grill has a significant role in a car, so it is essential to understand its use.

For those who prioritize a stylish and sporty look, the New Confero S is the latest Wuling variant with an elegant and modern grille design. The appearance of this variant grille is even more perfect with the presence of the projector headlight for your driving style every day. Of course, this modern grill design is ideal for millennials or young families who always want to look different.

Car Grill Function

1. Air Channels

Saluran Udara

The car grill is a component that helps provide air circulation in the engine room, and air enters through the hole so that the car temperature in the engine room is adequately maintained. The grill will also help the engine cooling process using a radiator.

If air cannot get into the grill hole properly, the car engine's temperature will increase drastically and make the engine overheat. If there is an overheating, the car could break down and have to be taken to a repair shop.

2. Aesthetics


Car grills are varied in shape and always adjusted to the car's appearance to add to the aesthetic beauty of the car. The grille shape is usually maintained with the same model because it becomes an iconic car brand.

In the past, car grills were mostly rectangular, and how to install them vertically. Well, then the grill with a horizontal design appeared. The times have indeed made the grill more diverse.

Now the shape of the car grill has become more diverse, such as rectangles, elongated lines, or vertical lines. The most popular car grill today is the honeycomb model. This grille model is usually available on European, American, or Japanese cars.

3. Aerodynamics and Performance

Aerodinamis dan Performa

The car grill also adds aerodynamics to the car to support the car's overall performance. Currently, most of the grill designs have minimal holes to drain air into the engine. This way, the air hitting the car's front is diverted to the side or top side.

The presence of a cavity on the grill allows a lot of air to enter, making air resistance even greater. However, if the grille is closed, the car will become more aerodynamic.

How to Maintain Car's Grills

Cara Perawatan yang Tepat

There are indeed large car grills, while some are small in size. The presence of a grill is significant for a car. The grill is important to be maintained regularly because its position is in the front of the car.

Do not leave the grill alone, causing a lot of dust or dirt to build up. Make sure you always keep the grill clean by following several steps below.

Steps to Clean the Car Grill

Most dirty grills are usually caused by dust and dirt from rainy weather. If the grill is not cleaned regularly, it can look dull. Make sure you clean the grill regularly, especially during unpredictable weather conditions.

1. Prepare equipment

Siapkan Peralatan

The tools needed to clean a car grill include a toothbrush, brush, special car shampoo, cotton icing, and wax. All equipment will be used to wipe or remove various dirt on the grill. The tools and materials needed are almost the same as when you wash a car.

2. Mix shampoo with water

Campur Shampo Dengan Air

The next step is to mix a special car shampoo by adding water. The ratio of shampoo to water is 1: 3; that is, 1 shampoo pack can be used for 3 liters of water. By using car shampoo, various impurities can be removed and cleaned quickly.

Do not use shampoo to wash your hair because it has very different functions. You can get special car shampoos at affordable prices, such as at the nearest convenience store.

3. Basting to the car grill

Pengolesan ke Grill Mobil

If you have mixed shampoo with water, then the next step you can take is to apply the liquid to the car grill. You can use a toothbrush with a soft brush surface to damage the paint from the car grill.

Basting should be done evenly until it reaches various hidden areas. In this way, all parts of the car grill will be spread evenly, and the shampoo will make any dirt or dust come off the grill.

4. Brushing process

Proses Menyikat

After the basting process has been successfully carried out, the next step is to scrub all parts of the car grill. Make sure you use a toothbrush with a smooth surface and brush thoroughly not to miss any details.

5. Wipe with a cotton cloth


To make the car grill cleaner, you can do this by wiping it with a cotton cloth. Cotton cloth has a soft surface and is safe to use for wiping the car grill.

Using a cotton cloth can easily remove dirt and additionally will not scratch the grill as the fabric is soft. The pre-greased and brushed parts of the grill will be easier to clean and absorb by the cotton cloth.

6. Apply the wax

Oleskan Wax

Waxing is the final step to keep your grill cool. By using wax, each part that is smeared will be shinier and will not get dirty quickly. Make sure that you don't miss any parts of the wax around the grill.

Basting should be done slowly, and make sure you pay attention to the various details needed when basting. If the basting is not done correctly, it can cause unwanted things.

7. Other Care

Perawatan Lainnya

For a long time, many people thought that cleaning mold or white scale on the grill can be done using toothpaste, but, unfortunately, this is not true. Even if you rub it gently with toothpaste, the fungus will still stick.

If your car is old and rarely cleaned, then you can use fungal medicine as a solution. Mold on the grill can ruin the appearance of your car, so it needs to be eliminated immediately.

When you let the fungus sit for a long time on the car grill, the car will look ugly and will make the car paint look dull. There are many types of treatments to prevent mold from the car, such as car paint treatment with waxing and coating (nano and ceramic). With so many choices, then you have to choose which one you like.

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