Everything You Should Know About Car Wax

15 March, 2021

Image Everything You Should Know About Car Wax

Currently, there are quite a several car waxes on the market. However, not many people understand the wax they will use and the difference between one type and another.

Wax is a special synthetic coating made of carnauba wax, natural oils, beeswax, and petroleum distillates. The use of wax is intended for the exterior of the car which forms a thin layer to protect the car paint.

Although there are differences between one wax and another, there is no difference in their basic function, namely to protect the overall paint surface.

Understanding Car Wax

Pengertian Wax Mobil

One of the most important stages of car maintenance is to provide protection and restore the gloss of car paint so that it always looks new. Wax is applied using a microfiber cloth or sponge.

Before you apply wax to the car, there are 4 things you should pay attention to:

Car Body Surface Must Be Clean

Before applying wax, try to wash and dry the car first. It ensures that the wax layer can apply perfectly to the car body.

Products Used

This is also an important point that must be considered because until now many car owners have not been able to distinguish between polishing compounds and waxes, especially now that many products combine the two. You have to choose which product is suitable for your needs by carefully reading and inspecting the labels. Pick one between wax or Polish.

Media Applicator

The applicator used is usually a microfiber or sponge, but for microfiber, there are things that you have to pay attention to. Make sure that when using the microfiber material it is still soft and not hard because otherwise the car body can be scratched.

Location of Waxing

Perform waxing in a closed location and do not do it under the sun as this will cause the car body to become hot. In return, the waxing result will not be perfect.

Difference between Wax and Polish

Perbedaan Wax dan Polish

Until recently, many car owners could not tell the difference between waxing and polishing, even though they are completely different things. Although their functions complement each other, you don’t have to perform both at the same time. There are times when a car only needs either wax or polish treatment.

So, what is the difference between the two?



The function of waxing is to protect the car body paint to maintain its shine and car color as well as to avoid dullness. By using synthetic materials, the car body will be layered with a thin coat of wax.

This treatment is perfect for cars purchased in new condition so you can keep your car's new color shine for longer. The more often you wax, the longer your car will shine like new.

For car maintenance that is no longer new, it can still be done as long as it has gone through the polish and shine process of the car again. Only then can you wax regularly so that the paint doesn't get dull again.



Polish is intended to restore the condition of the paint that is already dull. So if you wax without applying polish first, it would be all for nothing.

Polish is a category of detailing treatment and uses a liquid that is abrasive to the surface of the paint. The polish will erode the dull parts of the paint and restore the shine of the car or overcome the fine scratches on the car.

Car Wax Interval

Interval Wax Mobil

Although most people have their own opinions regarding how often to wax the car, until now manufacturers have never provided clear guidelines about this. But in general, the basic rule of waxing is once every three months.

This is done so that your car paint still gets good care, but you also avoid things that cause your car paint to become dull, such as using abrasive polish drugs.

Types of Car Wax

There are several types of car wax application, you only need to choose whichever suits your car.


  1. Powder
  2. Liquid (Liquid)


  1. Pour
  2. Spray

Material composition

  1. Carnauba

The price of this type of wax is more expensive than other types of car wax as this type of wax is quite difficult to produce. This wax is made from the Carnauba palm tree which can only live in Brazil and it takes a long time to make. This type of wax has a very high resistance to UV rays, water, and is hypoallergenic.

  1. Polymer

This type of wax is further divided into two parts. The division is based on how well the Polymer solution provides maximum protection for car paint down to the pores.

  • Full polymer
  • Nano polymer

In terms of class

  1. Standard class

The basic material is silicone, in this class, the well-known brands are Kit and Sanpoly

  1. Medium class

The basic material is better than silicone, in this class, the well-known brands are Meguiars and Turtle Wax.

  1. High-end class

The basic material used contains carnauba, in this class, the well-known brands are Chemical Guy, Zymol, and Swissvax.

How Does It Work?

Cara Kerja 

Wax is applied to the car by thorough car care where a layer of wax is installed over a clear coat of your car paint. By using this wax-like coating, you can protect the clear coat longer.

The Wax layer can disappear when doing the car wash process, in 3-5 car washes, this wax layer starts to fade. Therefore, if it's not very important, don't wash your car too often because it will reduce the wax layer of your car. Just wipe with water and a clean cloth.

Price Range

Range Harga

Although currently there are many cheap wax liquids on the market, you shouldn't just buy wax products. Any mistakes in using the wrong product will give your car more damage than good. Remember, many cheap wax products are abrasive.

The good category wax products that you can buy are priced between Rp 70,000 - Rp 200,000. At this price, several products have been widely recommended, such as Turtle Wax, Silicon Glaze Amway, or 3M.

For a much better product with premium quality, you can get it in a price range of Rp 200,000 - Rp 500,000. There are quite some premium products you can use in this price range, one of which is Meguiars.

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