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Car Power Window: Maintenance Tips

8 June, 2021

Image Car Power Window: Maintenance Tips

Generally, the presence of power window technology makes it easier for car users to raise and lower the windshield. You had to use a lever in the past, so it needed a large amount of power.

Power window technology also has a relatively large risk of damage because it can make the glass challenging to open and close. However, at least some tips can be done to maintain the power window technology in the car, to keep it in good condition.

1. Use as needed

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An item will be easily damaged when used excessively, and to make the car’s power windows more durable, you can use it as needed. For example, if the air has entered by lowering the window slightly, then there is no need for the car window to be opened wide.

Make sure you keep the power window button from being pressed by just anyone, especially children. If you use it simultaneously and continuously, the potential for damage to the car’s power windows is very high.

2. Clean Window Glass

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When you always clean the car window regularly, it will make the car’s power window last longer. However, if various dirt is not cleaned immediately, it can enter the power window dynamo inside and eventually jam the dynamo.

Regularly cleaning car windows can also prevent various damage to power window components and will prevent rust. Cleaning can be done using a special glass cleaner or using a chamois with a smooth surface.

3. Take the car to a specialist workshop regularly

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Many motorists underestimate the critical role of door specialist workshops, even though repair shops can help car owners prevent damage to power windows. We recommend that you take your car to a door specialist repair shop at least once every six months.

Maintenance for car power windows can be done by adding lubricant so it doesn’t get stuck because it can clean the power windows area to avoid sticking dust. Also, the more often it is checked, the more durable the power windows will be.

4. Check the condition of the rubber on the car glass

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The rubber on the windshield that is dirty or brittle will make the performance of the power windows problematic. Dirt that sticks will make the rubber on the windshield fall out and enter the car’s sidelines, causing rust.

Make sure you pay attention to the condition of the car’s rubber, and don’t hesitate to replace the rubber if it starts to harden. Car glass rubber that has hardened will make the power windows quickly damaged and can also cause scratches on the car.

5. Windows Power Must Be Used

Power Windows Harus Tetap Dipakai

If your car is often used alone and rarely brings other people, then you should still check the condition of the rear windshield power windows. Do not let the power windows become stuck due to not being used for too long.

Power window is a feature that uses a mechanical system, so it is necessary to use it so that its performance remains normal. At least you open the lid three times a day so that the power windows don’t get stuck and rust.

Wuling family, just by pressing a button, now lowering and raising the window glass is faster. What’s more convenient is to open the car window by using the panel on the driver’s side.

Wuling, with its newest product Almaz RS makes your life easier with the presence of the WIND Voice Command feature that supports Indonesian voice commands. With the availability of WIND, you can control opening or closing the glass without using the power window button as an alternative to setting the windshield so that the power window button on your Almaz RS can be much more durable.

Isn’t it easy to make your car’s power windows last longer? So come on, get in the habit of doing the tips above and love your car!

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