6 Easy Ways To Fix Car Scratches At Home

1 February, 2021

Image 6 Easy Ways To Fix Car Scratches At Home

Scratches on the car can make the appearance unsightly. Many car owners leave their scratches alone because it costs a fortune to fix them in a repair shop and the process also takes a long time.

You don’t have to go to a repair shop to fix car scratches and spend lots of money on them. You can do it by yourself at home using a variety of affordable materials.

Scratches are often found on the outside of cars and can be caused by various factors, be it intentional or not. Friction with other vehicles and with branches are the most common causes of scratches. In some cases, irresponsible people, usually children, may also try to scratch your car deliberately without any apparent reason.

Can You Get Rid of Scratches At A Low Cost?

Apakah Bisa Menghilangkan Baret dengan Biaya Murah?

Going to the car repair shop to get rid of car scratches is a tough thing for some people because it costs a lot of money. Even though there are only a few scratches, the service price is still quite expensive.

To get rid of light car scratches, you can do some simple way at home, without having to take the car to the car shop. Not only is it cheap, but the items are also very easy to find. Eliminating car scratches at low cost, of course, is very possible and you can take advantage of various items that are already available at home. Toothpaste is one of the products that must be used in everyday life, so almost certainly it is available at your house.

Items that can be used to repair scratches such as liquid mosquito repellent, compounds, toothpaste, special car paint, brake fluid, and wax types. Especially for the use of paint, you must do it carefully, so that the car looks better.

Use Liquid Mosquito Repellent

Pakai Obat Nyamuk Cair

Liquid mosquito repellent is not only useful for preventing mosquito bites but can also be used for various other purposes including to remove scratches on the car body. One of the ingredients in mosquito repellent can quickly and safely remove car scratches.

Please prepare the liquid mosquito repellent you need beforehand, then pour it into a dry cloth that has soft materials. If you use a wet cloth, the ingredients in the insect repellent will be lost.

After pouring the mosquito repellent on the cloth, wipe the scratched car body parts slowly and evenly in a circular motion. Wait for 15 to 20 seconds, then rinse it off using a clean, dry cloth.

Use Compound

Pakai Kompon

Compound is one of those creams that have chemicals and has been proven to be effective in removing car scratches quickly. The compound works by scraping the scratches so that they are no longer visible.

There are various kinds of compounds available and one of them is in white. In general, a white compound is very suitable for removing scratches on cars and this compound is believed to have a fairly strong abrasive power.

To use it, you can start by cleaning the scratched area with clean water, then dry the area that will be cleaned using a cloth. The last is to apply the compound to the scratched car parts quickly so that the components do not dry out quickly.

Use Toothpaste

Pakai Pasta Gigi

Toothpaste is generally used to clean teeth from various germs, but toothpaste can also be used to clean scratches in a car and the process is very simple, so it is highly recommended to try it.

Prepare a soft, clean cloth and apply the toothpaste onto it. Before applying to the car scratches, make sure the car is clean and has been cleaned with a dry cloth. Please wet the cloth with clean water and pour in enough toothpaste according to the size of the scratches. Rub the car parts that are scratched evenly in a circular motion, so that the results are neat.

Rubbing car scratches using toothpaste is not very effective if it is not combined with other types of ingredients. However, cleaning using toothpaste will be effective for scratches or car scratches that are not severe.


Cat Ulang

To get rid of heavy scratches on a car, you can also repaint it. This method is considered quite effective. To get better paint results, we recommend using a professional paint service.

If you decide to do the paint yourself, then you need to be careful. The better you perform the repainting process, the more flawless the results will be.

Car paint does have a huge impact on the appearance of the car. so it has to be done right. When you make a mistake in the painting process, it will result in a bad appearance and often require remodeling or repainting.

Not all cars will be better off when repainted, so you must first know the feasibility of a car to be repainted. To repaint, of course, the cost is quite expensive.

Before repainting, make sure the scratches have been sanded lightly. Also, be informed that you must mix the car paint with thinner before applying it.

Use Brake Oil

Pakai Minyak Rem

Brake fluid can also be used to remove scratches on the car body. Other equipment that you need to prepare is a clean cloth with a soft, clean, and dry chamois. Please pour brake fluid into a dry chamois, but don't use too much brake fluid. Then you just need to apply brake fluid on the part of the car that is scratched and the basting process must be done evenly.

The use of brake fluid can also be done by pouring brake fluid directly on the part of the car that has been scratched and this method must be done carefully, to avoid polishing the other parts of the car.

Use Wax

Pakai Wax

Wax can also be used to remove fine scratches on cars and the process of using it is very simple, hence making it very suitable for beginners.

The wax form consists of a liquid and a solid form. The liquid type of wax can be used to remove scratches on the car because the wax is very abrasive. If you are using liquid wax, then you have to do it slowly. If you rub too hard, it can instead cause other parts to scratch as well.

Those are six ways to get rid of car scratches at home so you don’t need to visit and spend money on a repair shop. Good luck!

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