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Ground Clearance and Its Function In Cars

20 December, 2021

Image Ground Clearance and Its Function In Cars

Cars are vehicles that often experience problems -one of the common one taking place during the rainy season is due to the presence of puddles. When high water puddles or flooding occurs, it will certainly hamper the work of the car.

To avoid or overcome puddles, the ground clearance of a car really needs to be taken care of properly. Before you know about its function, you also need to understand the basic concept of car ground clearance.

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About Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is the distance between the lowest point of the car component and the ground. Basically, ground clearance will be useful to maintain the quality and stability of the car. The higher the ground clearance, the safer it is to use.

The lowest area and closest to the ground is undercarriage. There are still many drivers who confuse the size under the car, because it is considered that the measurement is based on the size of the car tires.

Basically, the measurement under the car is calculated from the exhaust or often called the center muffler. When you want to modify or want to buy a used car, you need to pay attention to its lowest part.

Lots of people underestimate the undercarriage, even though it is an important part of a car. In general, standard car sizes vary widely and this is something you really need to pay close attention to.

For those who want to buy a used car, it is necessary to know the size of your car’s ground clearance. Not only related to the performance of the car, but it is also very influential on driving comfort.

If you want to modify your car, then you can change the ground clearance as desired as well. Make sure the modifications are carried out with the correct technique and the calculations must be precise to achieve the best results.

Fungsi Ground Clearance Pada Mobil

Ground Clearance Function In Cars

After you know the basics of ground clearance, then you also need to know its function. Make sure not to modify the undercarriage of the car for too low, so that driving comfort is not disturbed.

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1. Ground Clearance Avoids Water to Enter the Engine

If your car has a low ground clearance, it is highly possible for water to enter the engine. Once it enters, water will cause damage to the engine and the water hammer.

When road conditions are flooded and the car’s ground clearance is too low, water will easily enter through the exhaust hole. However, when the car has a high ground clearance, of course the water will not damage the engine, so the engine can work normally.

Damaged car due to water entering its engine will need to be taken to a repair shop and, as you may guess, the costs are definitely not cheap. You need to replace some components on the car engine if the damage is too severe.

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2. Ground Clearance Allows Car to Pass Uneven Roads

A car that is flat or has low ground clearance has usually been modified. Car with this kind of modification will face difficulty when passing through uneven roads. Standard cars have a height of about 1 to 2 meters, but for modified cars the distance can be cut down into 10-15 cm.

Undercarriage car that is too low will certainly create hassle for the driver as driving through uneven roads will be very uncomfortable. Flat cars will have difficulty when passing speed bumps as well.

When cars’ ground clearance is made low for a long time, it will certainly damage the bottom of the car. In addition, the comfort of the riders will also be very disturbed. If you use a car with low ground clearance, the chances of an accident are very high.

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3. Ground Clearance Affects Car’s Suspension

In general, the suspension system on a car supports the weight of the car and keeps the car from road shock. The car suspension will also make the movement of the wheels better when passing through uneven or bumpy roads.

The strength of the suspension is also greatly affected by the height under the car. Basically, the lower the quality of the car’s suspension system, the worse the car’s performance will be. There are at least 3 important factors that need to be considered in the car’s suspension system.

The suspension of the car will help create bubble movement or vertical movement very well. The car’s suspension will create a semi-circular movement, so that the front and rear wheelchairs run well.

Not only that, the car’s suspension also creates a rolling motion. The movement will take place around the longitudinal axle and produce centrifugal force when the car is turned.

The car can turn smoothly and pass through steep roads if the conditions under the car are calculated properly. If the ground clearance is not calculated properly, then the steering wheel or steering becomes heavier.

Wuling Almaz RS is one of the quality vehicles that has a high ground clearance of around 230 mm. With good conditions, the Almaz RS is definitely a highly recommended car to have.

That is everything you need to know about ground clearance and its function on the car. Hope it is insightful for you, dear reader!

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