Propeller Shaft Functions, Types and How They Work

19 January, 2023

Image Propeller Shaft Functions, Types and How They Work

As a car owner, you may be familiar with the propeller shaft component. This is one component of the power train which encompases the driving structure of a car. The propeller shaft can help the performance of the transmission system in a car which has the main function of connecting rotation from the transmission to the axle.

The propeller shaft is found in FWD (Front Wheel Drive) and 4WD (Four Wheel Drive) vehicles where the location of the engine and the drive wheels is too far so it requires additional components. To find out more about functions, components, types, and how they work, let's look at the following reviews!

Fungsi Propeller Shaft

Propeller Shaft functions

This component is located on the rear wheel drive system to support the rear wheel suspension. The following is the function of the propeller shaft that you need to know:

1. Connecting the Rotation of Transmission Towards Axle

At the beginning, it was mentioned a little that one of the functions of the propeller shaft is to continue the rotation from the transmission to the car axle. With the support of the balance weight, the propeller shaft can help drive the rear wheels. As in the Wuling Almaz RS, which is equipped with a responsive continuously variable transmission that makes the wheels turn powerful but still stable and smooth.

There is also a universal joint component on the propeller shaft which functions to balance the car when driving on a bumpy road. This component is one of the components of the powertrain that makes the car have strong power but still comfortable to use.

2. Dampening Excessive Vibration

When the car's transmission transmits rotation to the axle, it has the potential to produce excessive vibration on the wheels. Now, with the propeller shaft, the excess vibration can be dampened.

Drivers and passengers will not feel any excessive and disturbing vibrations. Even when the car is going fast, the propeller shaft can still prevent excessive vibrations from appearing in the car.

3. Controlling Distance Changes

The propeller shaft also functions to control distance changes. When the car is running, the distance between the transmission and the axle can change. Even so, with the propeller shaft, these changes can still be controlled properly.

Komponen Propeller Shaft

Propeller Shaft Components

The propeller shaft has various supporting components in it, each of which has a very important function. So what are the components contained in the propeller shaft? Here's the list.

  1. Universal Joints

There are two types of universal joints, namely the front universal joint and the rear universal joint. The function of this component is to ensure that the propeller shaft continues to rotate when the transmission and axle angle changes.

  1. Sleeve Yoke

The sleeve yoke is a component that functions to connect the transmission output process with the front universal joint. The sleeve yoke also functions as a holder for the propeller shaft so that it can change shape when there is a change in distance.

  1. Yoke

The yoke is a U-shaped component made of a mixture of iron and steel. The yoke functions to connect the drive shaft and axle shaft so that the universal joint can still move when there is a change in angle.

  1. Drive Shafts

The drive shaft aims to transmit torque from the front universal joint to the rear universal joint.

Jenis-Jenis Propeller Shaft

Propeller Shafts Types

There are 2 types of propeller shafts that you should know, namely:

  • 1. Universal Joint Type 2

This type has 2 joints whose function is to control the rotational power of the propeller shaft to work properly. In addition, this type also plays a role in monitoring the performance of the propeller shaft when the car is driving on up or down roads.

  • 2. Universal Joints Type 3

As the name suggests, this type of propeller shaft has 3 connections that control when the propeller shaft transmits power. The three universal joints have a smooth rotation and function to minimize various damages when the shaft is working.

Bagaimana Cara Kerja Propeller Shaft?

How Do Propeller Shafts Work?

When the car moves, the propeller shaft will move in a rotating way. Then the shaft moves up and down according to road conditions, whether the road is flat or not. When the car travels on uneven roads, the propeller shaft rotation will move up and down.

When the propeller shaft goes up and down, the length of the shaft changes. The function of this change is to keep the distance of the car's transmission system so that it continues to work properly. For this reason, the propeller shaft is equipped with a universal joint so that the distance is maintained and does not interfere with other components.

Those are some things about the propeller shaft that you need to know. Given the importance of these components for your car, make sure these components are maintained and not damaged. Inspect and clean these component parts regularly to minimize damage that may occur.

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