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3 Ways of Tire Maintenance

29 January, 2018

Image 3 Ways of Tire Maintenance

What’s so exciting about driving with your own car is that the decision of when and where to go, what stuffs to bring is definitely your own. But, you have to realize that what’s important is not only keeping the cabin clean and sweet-scented, but we need to also keep the car’s exterior’s performance at its best. We definitely maintain the engine regularly, as well as the body’s cleanness.

What gets on our nerves is when we are just minutes out of the car wash and the sky turns dark. It’s almost as if we could wrap the car in a raincoat were it possible. Other than the engine and body, what needs to be assured that they work perfectly is the tires.  Just one of them gets in trouble then your carefully planned trip will be ruined in a snap of the fingers.

Two main issues with the tires are balding tires and imbalanced air pressure. At Wuling we do have a few tips and tricks to keep your tires work just fine, especially during the times you need them most. Take our suggestions below:

  1. Balding tires

The more often you ride your car, the surface of the tires will thin out get bald. When this happens the risk of slipping is bigger, particularly on wet ground during or after the rain. One of the tricks to handle it is by replacing the front tires with the ones in the back. As you drive, the front tires will experience harsher friction with the road surface, especially when you hit the brakes and make a turn—while the back tires just follow the movement of the front tires basically.

On a standard, you can do this after you reach the 5,000 km distance. By doing this the frequency for you to swipe your credit card to purchase new tires will reduce and you can put a bigger smile.

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  1. Safe pressure

Making sure that each of your tires are filled with the right pressure as advised is important, because you don’t want to feel one side is higher than the other as you drive. When the pressure is too low, then the friction between the tire and the road’s surface will become stronger and your tire will heat up faster, hence the possibility of it thinning out can happen faster.

On the contrary, if you pump it more that you should, then it might slip when you drive, because it lacks the surface of the tire to touch the road. When you carry more passenger than what is advised and heavier stuffs than what the car allows you to carry will also impact on the tire’s pressure.

Then, what is the easiest way to check on your tire pressure to make sure whether it is sufficient or not? On Confero S, Wuling has supported this need by providing TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), which can be accessed on the MID (Multi Information Display) screen between the odometers. How can Wuling be this sophisticated? The valve cap on every Wuling car stores the sensor whose data is then sent to the system and displayed on the MID.

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  1. Regular maintenance

This is the important factor in driving. It is fundamental for every inch of the car to be maintained regularly. Even the tires require a regular check-up. The easiest way is by checking the cleanliness of the tires—probe whether there is any gravel stuck in between the grooves, check whether you just drove through a muddy street, then take them to the workshop to get a more thorough and regular checks and maintenance.

Lastly, make sure to ask the sales team at Wuling showroom whether your tires are included in the warranty or not. Because for Wuling, the customers’ life quality to be better is the hope we are committed to realize.

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