Indonesian Traffic Signs 101

10 January, 2024
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Image Indonesian Traffic Signs 101

Indonesian people are certainly familiar with the term traffic signs because they are often found on the side of the road. On top of that, traffic signs are also used as driving guidelines that must be obeyed.

Traffic signs can indeed be found at various points such as on the side of the road or at the top of the road. Their presence also provides road direction information to drivers. The existence of traffic signs is very easy for those who commonly drive because it serves as navigation signs and helps to avoid traffic accidents while driving.

Command Signs

Rambu Perintah

In general, there are several types of traffic signs that are often found on roads and each sign has a different indication. Command signs are one of the types of signs that drivers must obey to prevent them from unwanted things.

A command sign usually has a round blue board with a white symbol. Here are some command signs that are often found and must be understood properly.

Left Arrow

Panah Kiri

The left arrow requires road users to take their vehicle to take the left path.

Right Arrow

Panah Kanan

The right arrow requires road users to drive vehicles to the right.

Turn Left Arrow

Panah Belok Kiri

The left turn arrow requires road users to turn the vehicle to the left.

Turn Right Arrow

Panah Belok Kanan

The right turn arrow requires road users to turn the vehicle to the right.

Up arrow

Panah atas

The Up Arrow is a command sign that requires road users to keep going straight and these signs are often found on one-way roads or toll roads. The up arrow prohibits drivers from turning or taking a reverse direction.

Left oblique down arrow

Panah Bawah Serong Kiri

The left oblique down arrow requires road users to follow the left lane.

Right Oblique Down Arrow

Panah bawah serong kanan

The right oblique down arrow requires road users to follow the right lane.

Prohibition Signs

Rambu Larangan

Prohibition signs are traffic signs that prohibit drivers from doing something. They are usually made in red and black along with a white background. The following are some prohibited signs that are often found on the road.



If you see a stop sign with a red background, it is prohibited to drive on a particular lane. Road users are required to stop for a moment or until conditions are safer and this is done to avoid conflict in traffic.



Strips are signs that prohibit road users from entering a place and this applies to both vehicle drivers and pedestrians. However, these signs are allowed to be violated by parties with exceptions.

The minimum speed figure in kilometers (km)

Angka kecepatan minimum dalam kilometer(km)

If you see a command sign that shows the minimum speed, road users must not run vehicles below or exceed the speed limit. By looking at these signs, drivers can find out the best and safest speed for driving.

Crossed out S

S Dicoret

An S sign usually indicates a stop, while a crossed "S" indicates do not stop. If you see this sign, then you are not allowed to stop or park in that location and if you violate it, you will be subjected to a ticket following the applicable laws in Indonesia.

Crossed out P

P Dicoret

If you see the P sign crossed, then you are not allowed to park in the area and this sign is usually applied to avoid congestion due to illegal parking. This sign is also often found in urban areas, to prevent public transportation from parking and waiting for passengers for a long time.

Crossed out U-turn

Putar Balik Dicoret

Crossed out U-turn signs are often found in intersection areas or on one-way roads and this sign prohibits road users from making a U-turn. These signs are usually applied to avoid congestion in the intersection area.

Crossed out turn left

Belok Kiri Dicoret

Turn left is crossed out mostly on one-way streets, although some are paired at the intersection area. This prohibition applies to motorcyclists or cars and the prohibition on turning left is usually to avoid vehicle congestion.

Crossed out turn right

Belok Kanan Dicoret

Turning right is crossed out to prohibit drivers from turning to the right and is used to avoid collisions between riders on the left and right lanes.

Warning signs

Rambu Peringatan

There are also many warning signs on the road. These commonly have black symbols and yellow background. Most warning signs are shaped like a rhombus and the information in warning signs commonly alerts motorists to the challenges of the road ahead.

Three circular arrows

Tiga panah melingkar

Three circular arrows are warning signs that indicate an intersection or roundabout, so drivers must be careful and reduce driving speed.

Exclamation (!)

Seru (!)

The exclamation point warning signs usually alert road users to be more careful when entering a lane.

Plus (+)

Plus (+)

If you find a warning sign with a plus sign, you will find a four-way intersection and road users are expected to slow down their vehicle.

Plus sign without the right part

Plus Dihapus Bagian Kanan

The plus sign with the right side removed is a sign indicating the intersection of three sides and one of them is to the right.

Plus sign without the left part

Plus Dihapus Bagian Kiri

If you find this sign, you will find an intersection with three sides and one direction to the left.

Up and Down Arrows

Panah Atas dan Bawah

Up and down arrows indicate the path that can be traversed is the upper and lower lane.

Guidance Signs

Rambu Petunjuk

Guidance signs are a type of sign indicating directions so that drivers do not get lost. Guidance signs usually have a variety of images, so they look unique and unidentical. At least some signs are often found on the road.

City direction at the intersection

Arah Kota di Persimpangan

City direction signs at intersections usually indicate directions to a location and these directions are usually found at various intersections.

City Direction

Arah Kota

City direction signs are usually directions for road users so that they can take the right lane if they are heading in that direction.

Highway Road

Jalan Tol

The highway road sign is an indication for car drivers, wherein they will enter the highway road area soon.


Rumah Sakit

The hospital sign is certainly a clue to road users that there is a hospital in front.

Gas Station

POM Bensin

Gas station signs are the perfect clue for motorists who want to refuel their vehicles.


Tempat Tidur

If you find a sign for a bed or bedding, you will immediately find a hotel or inn nearby.

People Walk

Orang Berjalan

When you find a sign of people walking, it indicates that the area is for pedestrians.



Bus signs usually indicate where the bus usually stops or where the bus is waiting for passengers.

Wuling family, that's a complete explanation of the meaning and images on traffic signs. Remember, always obey the rules while driving, okay!

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