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5 Tricks to Save on Fuel

27 October, 2018

Image 5 Tricks to Save on Fuel

For urbans, owning a private vehicle is no longer a luxury at the present time. However, vehicle ownership is an indispensable convenience. For example, you are a businessman or an entrepreneur who is busy going back and forth from home to the place of activity to start-up your business, owning a private vehicle is the right choice, because you need a car with plenty of space for all your things—for example, a mock-up if you were an architect, rolls of fabrics were you working in the garment sector, or maybe your photography equipment that requires careful storage.

Spacious cabin and baggage are wide known as the advantage of Wuling, on both the Confero and the Cortez series. Because, along with our motto, which encourages to drive for a better life, we want to be able to help improve a better standard of living for all our customers. One other trick that you need to apply is saving up on your fuel consumption.

When buying a car, you would need to have informed yourself with various kinds of calculations, both fixed and fluctuating—for example regular maintenance in the workshop. Fortunately, the warranty and after-sales program from Wuling, each customer is expected to be aided and facilitated. But, what about regular, but fluctuating expenses, such as gasoline? Now, we want to share cool tips &tricks so you can make sure you keep the expense on fuel maintained.

Engine Displacement

One factor that you can consider before buying a car is the engine capacity. The bigger the CC, the more likely your engine will consume more fuel. Adjust your needs in everyday driving, if you often drive inside the city, you might not need a car with big CC.

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Road Conditions and Driving Pattern

Road conditions certainly determine how your car will adapt to the power generated by the engine. If you often go through messy road surface, lots of climbs, or lots of curves or steep slopes that require the car to be able to smoothly maneuver. In addition, how you drive will also determine how much the engine will consume fuel. If you kick the brake, the gas pedal, and speeding too often, then you can be sure the gasoline will run out faster, so you have to spend more money to fill the tank.

Weather Conditions

With the increasing condition of global warming in our natural habitat, erratic weather change will happen more often. Especially, when it’s hot, the temperature can be hotter than usual. For an instance, lately, the temperature condition in Jakarta and the surrounding areas can increase up to 37°C. If this temperature can make us really sweat when in outdoors, imagine what can happen when we are inside the car—the temperature will be hotter because the ventilation is closed, therefore forcing us to increase the blow from the air conditioning system.

In this situation, the car engine is forced to work harder than its normal standard, thus the gasoline will burn faster and evaporate. The solution is to make sure your car cabin is in a condition that is not too hot when you want to drive, so you will not to require strong air conditioning.

Check Tire Condition

If the wind pressure on your tire is unstable and unbalanced, then the car will work harder to balance its weight. Fortunately using Wuling, you can access the MID screen located behind the steering wheel to check whether the air pressure on each tire is adequate. The advanced features from Wuling turn out to be very helpful for us to save even more!

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Check Car Load

If you often carry heavy items, such as groceries, make sure you put them out of them when not in use. Because every time the weight increases, either because of the goods or passengers, the car engine will need to adjust the power generated so that the car can move smoothly.

This can also be affected not only by the items in the car, but also on top of the car, for example, the items you carry on the roof use the roof rack, because it will inhibit the aerodynamic factor of your Wuling car.

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