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Workshops: Choose Only the Affordable and Reliable Ones

27 September, 2018

Image Workshops: Choose Only the Affordable and Reliable Ones

How well do you understand your car’s condition? This is a crucial question to be answered before diagnosing your car. The good thing is, when you take a Wuling home with you, whether it’s the Cortez series or the Confero series, your car must have been complemented with a general warranty for 3 years or 100,000 km and a warranty for the main components and transmission for 5 years or 100,000 km.

This warranty also includes free service for periodic maintenance within the first 2.5years or 50,000 km (whichever comes first). That means you are enabled with easy access to provide your car with free maintenance service authorized Wuling workshops anywhere in Indonesia. Of course, the authorized workshops automatically become the prime choice with no questions asked.

The Authorized of Wuling Workshop

Authorized Wuling workshops are the prime choice for their the competitive prices of spare parts, which are generally 20% cheaper than unauthorized workshops. This is one of the advantages of owning a Wuling; you will be free from the excessive stress in thinking about the cost for taking your car for ‘treatment’ to the workshop. Not to mention thinking about whether ‘the doctor’ is the right fit or not.

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Another important factor to maintain the condition of your Wuling car is how skilful the mechanics/technicians in handling it. At Wuling, all of our mechanics have gone through training processes that equip them with sufficient capabilities to handle any problem that might occur on your Wuling.

Handled by Professional Technician

With the support of the Global Manufacturing System during the production stages of each of our products, every technician is equipped with the proper knowledge on GMS and how to provide Wuling car the right handling procedure in accordance with the applicable standards so as to support the after-sales service. This certainly is not necessarily understood by mechanics working at general workshops. Especially if your car is new, thus it is highly recommended that you only maintain and get service at the authorized Wuling workshops.

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To maintain your car in its prime condition, make sure you do not skip the regular maintenance schedule, and take the diagnostics only at the authorized workshops of Wuling Motors. You can consult for any replacement/workmanship in advance with our service advisors. Because with Wuling, Drive For A Better Life!

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