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Creating an Ideal and Comfortable Car Garage

20 January, 2022

Image Creating an Ideal and Comfortable Car Garage

If you own a car, you need a garage to store it. The owner of the car must have a garage and must not park outside the house. If you are interested in building your own garage then you may need some inspiration on how to create an ideal and comfortable car garage. Wuling will provide some ideas for you to achieve this goal.

Main Functions of Car Garage

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As you may have experienced, many car owners often park their cars outside their homes. This will certainly disturb the local residents and increase the risk of the car being damaged. Having a garage at home can actually be the solution to this. By having a garage, the security of the car is certainly more guaranteed. Your car will also be protected from the heat of the sun and rain when parked. Ultimately, having a garage will make your car more well-maintained.

Important Points for Making a Car Garage

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You have to pay attention to several things when you want to make a garage in the house. First off, it’s about air ventilation. This point needs to be considered if the space is a closed room. It’s also important to choose a garage door model that is easy to open and close and comes in  the right tile floor.

Ceramics that you can use for the garage better have a rough texture with sizes such as 30×30 cm, 40×40 cm, or 50×50 cm. Not only that, ceramics must also be thick so that they are not easily damaged or broken. Make sure to have enough room to maneuver the car, when you want to park in parallel or want to get out of the garage. You can also use this room to store things, such as spare parts or other car equipment.

Customization of Garage According to The Car Size

Penyesuaian Pembuatan Garasi dengan Ukuran Mobil

It is important for you to know the size and dimensions of the car before you build a garage at home. For example, if you have a fairly large car such as Wuling Cortez CT, then you have to build a garage with dimensions of about 4,780 mm in length, 1,816 mm in width, and 1,755 mm in height.

The reason for those numbers is because Wuling Cortez CT has dimensions of 4,780 mm in length x 1,816 mm in width and 1,755 mm in height. Of course, if you have a car with a larger size, then you need a larger garage size.

That being said, you need to adjust the garage according to the size of the car you have. For the length of the garage you can add about 100 cm to 120 cm from the length of the car. You can add the width of the garage about 100 cm from the width of the original car. And for the height you can add 100 cm.

The formula is the minimum garage size that must be owned. Do not make a garage with a smaller size than the formula because you will find it difficult to get out of the garage when using the car. You also have to pay attention to the distance from the wall to the car door so that you can open the door more freely.

Car Garage Model and or Design

Model dan atau Desain Garasi Mobil

There are several types of models or designs for car garages that you can choose. For example, a carport garage made of black steel made of mild steel that is painted black or a garage with wood material to make the garage more natural.

The carport next to the house can also be used as a solution to maximize the area in the house. Car garages for luxury homes can use a canopy with a layer of glass so that it looks luxurious and majestic. Or if you have a minimalist home, then you can choose a white garage so that your home can still look neat and clean.

Another garage design that you can choose is one with an elegant iron fence. This elegant appearance is even more harmonious if you have a vehicle like the Cortez CT that displays premium and elegant class. This design is suitable for those of you who live in a residential complex with tight security. A garage that is directly connected to the back door is also an option. You can use wood material to make it more attractive.

If your house is small, then you can make a garage without a fence. But make sure to have a strict guard so that the safety of the car is maintained. Not only do you remove the fence, but you can also place the garage next to the garden so that the garage can look bigger.

Using ceramics in the garage can help you to have more elegant visuals. Make sure to choose a strong ceramic so that it lasts a long time. For those of you mini car owners, you can choose to make a garage next to the house so that the garage can be wider and the risk of the car being scratched can be avoided.

Not only on the side, but you can put a garage under the house which can give a different impression from the others. The use of a basement as a garage is also an option for many people with modern homes because you do not have to incur additional costs. But if you don’t have land to make a garage, then you can make the warehouse as a garage so that it can become a multifunctional garage for your home.

That’s some information that Wuling can provide on how to create an ideal and comfortable car garage. As a car owner, you definitely want to have the best garage for your car and house. With the aim of being the best place to park the vehicle while at home. 

Having an ideal and comfortable car garage will make it easier for your car to get in and out of the garage easily. The car will also be well protected. Hopefully the information we provide can help create your dream car garage!

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