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Feel The Sensation of Driving Almaz, Cortez, And Confero!

17 December, 2019

Image Feel The Sensation of Driving Almaz, Cortez, And Confero!

The steering system on the car functions to control the wheels of the vehicle. But perhaps you don’t know yet how the steering system works. For example, the Wuling Confero MPV and the Cortez are embedded with the Rack and Pinion feature in the steering system. What is the Rack and Pinion system?

Rack and Pinion Steering System

This Rack and Pinion steering system has been commonly used in passenger cars with lighter weights. The Rack and Pinion system consists of several components, namely the steering wheel, steering wheel protector, tie rod, pinion gear, steering shaft, shift shaft, knuckle arm, rack gear, ball joint tie rod, and cross joint.

This steering system is claimed to be more efficient for the driver when controlling the front wheels. The way it works is simple. When the steering wheel is rotated, the steering shaft will rotate, thus also making the pinion rotate. Due to the pinion rotation, the rack moves, the rack moves to the side which subsequently moves the tie rod to the knuckle arm on the front wheels. In turn, one side of the wheel will be pushed while another side is pulled so the wheel will rotate in the same direction.

The Rack and Pinion steering system have an advantage since its construction is lighter and simpler, the momentum shift is relatively better so the steering system is lighter as well. You can get this pleasant driving experience when using the two MPV from Wuling, which are the Confero and Cortez.

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Steering Switch on Almaz

For the Almaz MPV, the steering wheel is already embedded with the steering switch. Steering switch is a system that makes your car’s appearance more exquisite. This is because the steering wheel is not only used to control the front wheels, but it also controls the MID (Multi-Information Display). The Instrument Cluster can only be controlled when the ignition switch is on.

Join the Drive & Win Competiton!

To experience first-hand the lightweight steering system on the Cortez and Confero and try out the luxurious look of the Steering Switch on the Almaz MPV, you can follow the Drive and Win program organized by Wuling. Wuling Drive & Win is a national program for conducting test drives, ordering (SPK) and purchasing (DO) Wuling cars in all authorized Wuling Dealers all over Indonesia.

In addition to that, in this program, you can also have an opportunity to win one out of nine units of cars that have been prepared by Wuling Motors. Those are 3 (three) units of Almaz Smart Enjoy CT-7 Seater, 3 (three) units of Almaz Smart Enjoy CVT-7 Seater, 3 (three) units of Cortez CT 1.5T CVT-Comfortable, and 3 (three) Confero S 1.5L ACT units in each period.

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For the second period that takes place on 1 September 2019 – 31 December 2019, Wuling Motors holds raffles on 27 January 2020, offering 1 (one) Almaz unit, 1 (one) Cortez unit, and 1 (one) Confero S ACT unit for the lucky winners.

If you are interested in joining this competition, there are a number of conditions that must be met. For instance, you must register yourself in advance at driveandwin.wuling.id to get a unique barcode that will be sent to your email. Secondly, you have to either do a test drive (1 lottery number), ordering (4 lottery numbers), and/or purchasing (15 lottery numbers). The full terms and conditions can be checked at driveandwin.wuling.id.

3 Winners of the first period of Drive & Win Wuling

In the first period (September-October 2019), Wuling has announced three lucky winners who got Almaz, Cortez, and Confero. Suherman from Jambi won a unit of Wuling Almaz, Elnawati from Pontianak was prized a unit of Wuling Cortez CT, and a unit of Confero S ACT was awarded to Harianto from Bekasi. Congratulations to all the winners!

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