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The Daily Benefits of Cool Wuling Features

9 December, 2018

Image The Daily Benefits of Cool Wuling Features

aTalking about features, we are sure that as Wuling car users, whether Confero or Cortez series, you must have been very familiar and experience the benefits from the features that make one’s daily trips to be fmore exciting and comfortable. However, we would like to review a few important features that can make you feel more relaxed and entertained, especially safe when traveling with this Cikarang-born car. Hopefully for readers who don’t have Wuling yet, this article can be an inspiration for you.


Multi Information Display

Many people know its short term, that is MID. The screen that is embedded in the meter cluster behind the steering wheel can display many things so that the driver is not distracted when driving. Some basic information such as the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) can help you check the wind pressure on each of your tires so that your trip is more reserved knowing the tires are completely safely before and during the trip.


The sensor locatedin the seat can detect if any one of the passengersneglect to strap on their seat-belts and this information can be clearly seen on the MID screen. Please, always make sure the main safety requirementwhen driving is strapping on your seat-belt.


Another example is the ability to for it to display information about what song you’re playing or what radio station is echoing from the entertainment system head-unit in your Wuling car, so you can continue to focus on the road while driving and not being distracted.


Another advantage is its ability to display the direction guide so you don’t get lost while looking for your destination address. There are many more advantages that can be displayed this versatile screen, which of course will be more exciting if you really try it yourself!


USB Port

The hassle when driving is that sometimes the passengers who travel with you is busy playing with their cellphones while not knowing the battery suddenly drops. Then, they go through the trouble of leaving their powerbank at home. Oh, the trouble! Fortunately, in the Confero and Cortez series, passengers on each row are provided with a USB plug to charge your cellphone’s battery. So, whoever is travelling with you, or even you yourself do not have to worry about the cellphone battery to run out when getting off of the car, instead now it’s fully charged!



Without realizing and without having to press any certain button, this safety feature is always active when the Wuling car is being driven. Anti-lock braking system and electric brake-force distributions always guarantee safety in the braking process so that the car tires don’t slip. The way it works is so sophisticated that each tire independently brakes with just one pressure on the brake pedal. For an MPV car at an affordable price, the safety features that we offerare truly beneficial for every individual who drives a Wuling—or even those who sit in the passenger seat.


Now, we believe you are more convinced that driving with Wuling not only feels the space, or just the cold air conditioner, but all the well-integratedsafety and comfort factors. Of course, we want to continue to produce cars whose benefit can be experienced by every Indonesian citizen. If you have any feedback for us to make our production better in the future, don’t hesitate to submit it through our social media on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Keep driving for a better life!