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4 August, 2017


School graduation holiday season and Idul Fitri holiday are over. Many of you must have spent time on vacation with family.


For family with children of school age, taking vacation is a must. Holiday is a moment all children wait for and not to be missed. If you rarely spend time for holiday, let’s arrange your schedule and budget so that you can enjoy a fun vacation with your loving family.


Amidst tight work routines, taking a vacation is necessary for you to prevent boredom. There are various ways to use holiday season. Going to a recreation places, shopping the stuffs you want, or indulge yourself in your hobbies, all of which will be very pleasurable. Regardless the kind of vacation you like, taking vacation gives you health benefits.

  • Longer life expectancy

A survey conducted by State University of New York found that men who had routine vacations reduced their risks of death by 20 percent, whereas men who did not take vacations in five years had higher death rate and bigger risks of having heart diseases.

  • Improve your mental health
    A study by Wisconsin Medical Journal found that women who took frequent vacations were less likely to become depressed, tense, or tired. Women who rarely took vacations were likelier to have stress at home and sleep less.
  • Refurbish your relationships
    Vacation is an ideal time to reconnect and revitalize social relationships with family and friends.
  • Bring back your childhood
    Vacation lets you recall that feeling of childlike exploratory freedom. You can enjoy your time without any interruption. You can also decide when to go to sleep or when to wake up at anytime you want. You can have fun without worrying about the consequences of work back home.
  • Gain self confidence
    By taking a vacation, you declare in some way to yourself (and to others) that it is important to reward yourself with pleasing moments.
  • Become more creative

Daily monotone routines reduce the opportunities for inspiration and for new ways of thinking. By traveling somewhere, you put yourself in different situations that allow your brain to think differently.

  • Become more productive
    Spending two weeks of vacation a year will make the rest of your days in a whole year more productive. After taking a vacation, you will live your days with a fresh body and mind.

Plan your vacation

Did you miss your last holiday season because you haven’t planned for it well? Here are some things to be considered for your next holiday:

  • Decide the destinations for your vacation.
  • Create holiday budgeting and start to save some money. If you decide to take vacation out of town, it will certainly require more costs.
  • 25% for transportation.

Pick any mode of transportation to vacation spots. Seek for information on low-priced tickets and transportation costs to recreational places.

  • 20% for accommodation.

Get information on lodging or any place to stay while you’re on vacation in order to get an enjoyable place that meets your budget.

  • 15% for food.

It’s the costs of daily meals for the number of days you’ll spend during vacation. To act thrifty, you can go to restaurants that serve package menus so that you can taste various foods at the same time, or go to traditional market that sell local foods.

  • 15% for tourist attractions.

This budget is for tickets to tourist attractions you’re going to visit. Get the information beforehand for estimation of ticket prices and visit times.

  • 15% for holiday souvenirs.

Holiday souvenirs usually take a lot of money during a vacation. Make a list of things to be bought along with names of people to receive the souvenirs. Get information on discounted prices.

  • 10% for unexpected expense.

This share of budget can be used at any moment in case you get sick while you’re on vacation, get robbed at a tourist destination, or experience other kinds of unexpected events.

  • Set the perfect time for vacation, whether you have to take special leave from work or to take vacation in the same time with your children’s school holiday season.

Spare your time at least once a year to take vacation. Make a vacation plan that is suitable for you and meets your budget. Taking a vacation does not have to be necessarily expensive. The most important is the quality of the vacation, which means you get fresher and happier afterwards.

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