7 Advantages of Small Cars for Daily Activities

27 June, 2022

Image 7 Advantages of Small Cars for Daily Activities

Recently, many car manufacturers have released small cars for their loyal users. As the name suggests, this type of car has small dimensions with a compact design that is very suitable for use in urban areas. In addition to saving parking space, this type of car can also be a solution for those of you who need a vehicle at a low price.

Previously, the automotive world was filled with SUVs. This type of car has dimensions that are large enough so that it is suitable for a family car. However, as congestion increases and the need for increasingly narrow parking spaces makes many people start switching to smaller cars.

Small cars are considered to offer various advantages that are suitable for urban communities. In addition to the price of a small car which is certainly much more affordable when compared to a large car, there are many other advantages offered by a car with this small dimension.

Want to know what advantages are offered by this small car? Here's a more complete explanation.

Various Advantages of Small Cars for Users

Basically, choosing the type of car must depend on the needs of its users. However, for those of you who are still confused about what type of car to buy, here are some of the advantages of a small car that you can consider before choosing it.

1. Menggunakan Energi Terbarukan

1. More Fuel Efficient

One of the advantages you will get if you choose a small car is that it is more fuel efficient. With a small engine capacity, it certainly makes fuel consumption more efficient.

Not only that, now there are many types of small electric cars that use electric power as a source of energy. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, electric cars can also save you the budget for buying gasoline. You only need to charge it which will certainly be more efficient if used in the long term. This car is very suitable for daily activities, especially in urban areas.

Lincah Bermanuver di Jalanan

2. Agilely Maneuvering on the Street

The small size of the compact car makes it easier and more agile to maneuver on the streets. This type of car is able to pass through narrow streets to traffic jams more easily because of its mini size. Of course, this type of car is very suitable for use in urban areas that commonly have traffic jams. Not only that, its small shape also makes it easier for you to get the right parking space.

Dapat Bereaksi Lebih Cepat

3. Can React Faster

Not only makes it easier to maneuver, but the size of a small car that has a compact design also allows the car to reach its maximum speed faster. This is because the best compact car designs are made lighter, making it easier for the driver to control the vehicle. In addition to that, small cars also have a shorter braking distance when compared to large-dimensional cars so safe driving is guaranteed.

Tidak Membutuhkan Ruang Garasi/Carport yang Besar

4. Does Not Require a Large Garage/Carport Space

Cars with a small size will be easier for homeowners who have a garage space that is not too large. For example, a house in a narrow area or dense housing. This will not disturb other road users because the car has to be parked outside due to the small carport or garage area. This is the advantage of a small car for minimalist homeowners.

Cocok untuk Lajang dan Keluarga Kecil

5. Suitable for Singles and Small Families

In general, a small car has a capacity of 4 people. This type of car is certainly very suitable for those of you who are single or small families who have high enough mobility. By using a small model car like this, you will be easier to maneuver and don't need a large area to park it.

Biaya Perawatan dan Operasional Lebih Rendah

6. Lower Maintenance and Operational Costs

Another advantage offered by a small 2-door car is the lower maintenance and operational costs when compared to a large car. Large cars certainly have components and technology that are much more complex. This certainly makes the maintenance cost for the car also quite large.

It's a different story if you use a small car, especially an electric car. The maintenance and operating costs of electric small cars are much lower when compared to ordinary cars. This way, you can save on maintenance costs and can be allocated to other more important needs.

Harga Lebih Terjangkau

7. More Affordable Prices

One more advantage that you can get if you choose the type of small car is that you can get it at a more affordable price. Small cars certainly require relatively small production costs so that the selling price will also be more affordable.

The average small car for 2 people is priced around Rp 200 million. This price is certainly much lower when compared to MPV or SUV-type cars. It's no wonder that a compact car like this is in great demand by millennials because the price is more affordable but still able to meet mobility needs.

Currently, there are many types of small cars that you can choose to meet your mobility needs, especially for urban communities. One of them is the Wuling EV car, which is the latest electric car from Wuling Motors.

Wuling EV, which was first introduced at the First Appearance Pre-Launch event at Atrium Central Park on June 1, 2022, has a compact design with a future-tech design. Besides having a futuristic design, this mini electric car is also equipped with various advanced features such as IoV and WIND.

This small electric car made by Wuling Motors is perfect for you urbanites in urban areas who have high mobility. Not only that, the stylish and modern design is also very suitable for young couples.

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