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KinosGina Family Experience with Almaz RS: Fun and Comfortable on the Go!

3 August, 2021

Image KinosGina Family Experience with Almaz RS: Fun and Comfortable on the Go!

Wuling Almaz RS, a modern and classy SUV that offers not only a myriad of advanced features, but also a practicality when driving with family. On this occasion, Rizky Kinos and Nycta Gina along with their two children on the KinosGina channel are enjoying traveling around the city with a family car of Almaz RS!

The convenience of My Wuling+ Application

Kemudahan Aplikasi My Wuling 1000x569

Gina’s first impression when getting ready to travel with Kinos was the convenience of starting the car via a smartphone. Even if the user is out of the house or out of town, they can start the car easily. The step is simply by opening the My Wuling+ application and clicking turn on the engine on the application. Besides that, you can also turn on the air conditioner so that the cabin is cold when you enter the car.

Not only that, the Almaz RS also has advanced security features of Geofencing Security where it allows users to get a notification on their smartphone whenever something unexpected occurs.

Charming Interior and Exterior

Interior dan Eksterior Menawan

The exterior appearance of the Almaz RS, according to this family, looks cool with a strong and solid dynamic design body. At the front there is a sporty and dashing front grille equipped with projector headlights that adds an elegant impression to it.

According to Kinos, the Almaz RS is really a family car. As in the front row seats, it offers ample space in the third row so that passengers at the back can sit more comfortably. In addition, the seats are also very comfortable and wrapped in black synthetic leather which further accentuates the exclusive impression.

Everything is Online!

Serba Online

One of the other advantages that Kinos and Gina feel on the Almaz RS is online music and online navigation that are connected to the internet and can be arranged via smartphones. That way, they can comfortably use music applications or navigation on smartphones on the head unit embedded in the car dashboard.

Operating Features With Voice Command

Mengoperasikan Fitur Dengan Voice Command 1000x569

The next sophisticated feature of Almaz RS is the Wuling Indonesian Command (WIND), which according to Kinos, allows users to operate features in the car using only the voice feature, hence making traveling easy and comfortable with the family. This is where Kinos demonstrates how to open and close windows with just a voice command.

The next thing that caught the attention of Kinos and Gina was the 0.82 m2 Panoramic Sunroof feature. With this wide size, the Panoramic Sunroof Almaz RS is the largest in its class which reaches 70% of the total roof. Thus, passengers up to the third row can get a better view of the outside, as well as passengers in the front and middle seats.

Maximum Security Features

Fitur Keamanannya Maksimal 1000x569

To support safety while driving, Kinos explained that this Almaz is equipped with the Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) feature. There are several ADAS features that caught the attention of Kinos.

The first is Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) which allows users to set a safe distance from the vehicle in front according to the speed set. This feature can be adjusted via the head unit or directly on the steering wheel of up to 150 km/hour.

The second is Bend Cruise Assistance (BCA) which allows the car to reduce speed automatically when it meets a corner. The existence of these two features can help the driver, because the sensors are located throughout the car body.

Other features that impressed Kinos and Gina are Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA), both are very useful when the driver gets out of the lane. First, the LDW will give a warning so that the driver can return to the correct lane. However, if the warning is still ignored because the driver is sleepy, then LKA will return the car to the correct lane so that the car remains in a safe condition.

The Almaz RS is also equipped with Forward Collision Warning (FCW), which will provide a warning of a collision ahead of time so that the driver can be more secure while driving. The sensitivity can also be adjusted from low, medium and high. This feature is also assisted by the Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) which will brake the car automatically when the driver ignores the warning given by the FCW.

There is also an Intelligent Head Beam Assistance (IHMA) feature that adjusts the high and low light intensity according to the conditions around the car.

Another safety feature is Intelligent Hydraulic Braking Assistance (IHBA) which allows the car to adjust the braking force according to its speed. So when you press the brake but not strong enough, the car will automatically help braking so as to avoid accidents.

Finally, the Almaz RS also has a Collision Mitigation System (CMS) feature that allows the car to reduce speed automatically thereby avoiding the risk of accidents while driving, hence providing maximum safety for family members.

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