When To Use High Beam Lights

18 July, 2021

Image When To Use High Beam Lights

High beam lights are a driving tool to provide a better view at night. However, you as a driver should not use these lights carelessly or otherwise, you could highly disturb other fellow drivers on the road.

Misunderstanding of Using High Beam Lights

Kesalahpahaman Memakai Lampu Dim (Lampu Jauh)

In every motorized vehicle, especially cars, there are several types of headlights, ranging from city lights, low beam lights and high beam lights. Newbie car drivers may think that as high beam lights emit brighter light, it is safer to use. However, this is a wrong assumption. It is actually unsafe and even dangerou for other drivers.

High beam lights can be seen on the car's indicator panel with a green light that can be used on dark roads. This light can be used when there are no street lights to assist vision while driving and there are no other vehicles that hinder the driver to see far ahead. Meanwhile, for normal dark road conditions where street lights are available, drivers are to use the low beam light instead.

This difference in use is based on the angle of the lamp. The low beam lights are aimed lower to the road, whereas the high beams are aimed straight far ahead parallel to the road.  It is also common that the high-beam shines brighter than the low-beam.

Despite the differences between the two, it’s still common for some car drivers in big cities to still use high beam lights during daily normal conditions. Are the street lights in big cities still not bright enough to have to use high beam lights continuously?

Wuling family, if you are still using high beam lights, you should start reducing the use. As mentioned, when there are street lights available, you do not actually need the help of high beam lights. In fact, there are several benefits of using the low beam light, instead of the high beam, during your daily trips:

  • Showing your respect towards other fellow drivers
  • Minimizing the occurrence of accidents
  • Reducing light pollution
  • Avoiding swearing from disturbed drivers

What To Consider When Using High Beam Lights

Then, how should you use high beam lights on cars? The following is what you need to consider to properly use high beam lights at night. It is important for all road users, especially when traveling at night with busy road traffic conditions.

1. Use high beam lights to give signal when passing

Untuk Memberi Kode Saat Berpapasan

High beam lights are commonly used to signal when passing other vehicle users. For example, when you meet other drivers who use high beam lights, you can blink your own high beam as a notification for them to change their light to the low beam one. When you do this make sure you have enough distance from the other car and do not forget to reduce your speed.

2. Do not use beam lights when overtaking another vehicle

Hindari Pada Saat Bersamaan dari Arah Berlawanan

You can use it when you are overtaking another car on a two-way street and you have to go against the flow. When overtaking, you should not use high beams because it will interfere with the view of other vehicles from the opposite direction and may cause fatal accidents.

In addition, you should also avoid using low beam lights to signal other drivers from the opposite direction. Instead, you can use the right turn signal as a sign that you are overtaking.

3. Use high beam lights  only when the road is empty and dark

Gunakan Hanya Saat Jalan Sepi dan Gelap

The most important etiquette in using high beam lights is to use them when the road conditions are empty, whether you are driving in your direction or the opposite. With proper use, you can illuminate the road brighter and clearer in dark and empty road conditions to avoid any dangerous situation.

It is also best to avoid using high beam lights when overtaking, as the reflection in the rearview mirror will dazzle the driver in front of you, making it quite dangerous for both cars.

Dealing with Drivers Using High beam Lights

Menghadapi Pengemudi yang Memakai Lampu Jauh

It is undeniable that some drivers still like to use these long-distance lights, especially when traveling out of town at night. Therefore, you should understand the impact of using high beam and low beam lights for safe driving.

Continuous inappropriate use of high beam lights will make the view glare and reduce visibility. Not only that, the reflection of the headlights in the car's rear view mirror will interfere your visibility as it is very blinding.

When you meet another driver with turned on high beam lights from the opposite direction, you can blink your dimmer several times to give him/her a code to change the light to the low beam light instead. On the other hand, when the car behind you blinks the high beam light a few times, it gives you a signal that they are going to overtake. So what you should do is give them a way to get ahead of you.

There are times, if you meet other drivers behind who are constantly using the high beam lights. You have to dodge by bending the mirrors to avoid glare, this method is quite dangerous because you can't monitor the back of the car. Then all you have to do is step on the brake light a few times without reducing speed as a sign that you are annoyed.

If the driver behind you understands, then they will replace the high beam into the low one. But if this sign is completely ignored, then turn on the left turn signal and slide your car to the left to let the car overtake you.

Wuling family, when traveling, you should use the high beam lights properly. As explained, improper use can interfere with other fellow drivers.

In this case, the Almaz RS already uses an LED Projector Headlamp that provides more even and focused lighting. So when using it, you will not not disturb other fellow drivers and can provide better lighting during your trip.

During the Covid-19 pandemic and activity restrictions imposed by the government, Wuling From Home is available as a form of customer care to support the stay safe at home movement. You can find out information about Almaz RS on our website or do the booking process easily by finding our service and dealer information on My Wuling+. You can also place car orders at the Wuling store on the official e-commerces.

Always keep in mind the appropriate way to use high beam lights when driving appropriately to ensure your safety!

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