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Make The Right Calculation of Buying A Car

25 April, 2018

Image Make The Right Calculation of Buying A Car

At Wuling Motors, we treat our customers as our number 1 priority. After a thorough observation, we continuously try to understand what Indonesians need for quality. There’s a common struggle among Indonesians in finding the best option on every aspect of life-one of them is the choice of cars.

Considering that, we understand that we need to manufacture cars that meet a certain standard of quality. So, when we launched Confero and Cortez, August 2017 and February 2018 respectively, rest assured that now you have the best options that meet your standard of qualified cars. And what is more is that they are affordable. But, then what’s next?

Regardless of the income, one should be careful enough before making the decision. Here is some helpful advice to guide you to make the right calculation:


Admittedly, Wuling offers you cars with a very competitive price when compared to other brands-even more valuable with the features that we provide.

However, you may wonder why the price is different from other area/cities. Wuling cars are manufactured inside our established factory located in Cikarang, West Java, and then they will go through several quality checks before being dispatched to other areas across Indonesia. The difference in the price makes up for the delivery cost from West Java to our networks of dealerships stretched from Sumatera to Sulawesi. So, you don’t need to spend time and energy worrying about transporting your car from our factory to your residence.

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Knowing this, now you only need to check on the price your local dealers offer. Go to Wuling dealers and select one location closest to where you live out of the total 54 dealers, then it is only a click or a phone call away. Ask the sales representative for the best price and what extra offer you can get as we might provide a surprising deal from time to time.


When purchasing a car think of a long-term ownership and for that reason, you will need a reliable warranty coverage. Wuling has partnered with Sompo to provide you with the best protection. The additional value we provide for this service is that the warranty does not only keep you and your car safe, but also your belongings. Read here for a more detailed information or you can always ask our sales representative to detail it down for you.


Did we mention that you are number one priority? There is a proven track record for that. Most of our dealers are 3S-sales, service, and spare-parts. So, when you buy car Wuling, you are under our full care and service. Not to mention that our spare-parts are always at the ready with cost that is 20% less compared to other brands.

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Cash or Credit

Now, here comes the tricky part. Our affordable price is meant for everyone. However, you will need to measure your own capability and priorities. If you prefer to take a credit, ask our sales representative on the amount of down payment and the length of credit you can afford.

The minimum amount of down-payment you can afford, means the bigger amount of credit you will have to spread over the years, but the more amount of down-payment you can make, then the lesser amount of credit you will have to endure until you can finally own Wuling as your own. But, with credit comes more benefit we offer.

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