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5 Important Preparations for a Long Road Trip

23 June, 2018

Image 5 Important Preparations for a Long Road Trip

How long does it take for you to travel back to your hometown? It definitely depends on how you will be traveling. If you had ordered the plane tickets 1 or 2 months earlier, then you are safe, because it might only take 2 to 3-hour flight. That, of course, if you only take a reliable airline with no to the small possibility of a delay. But, if you are travelling home using trains, it can take about 5 hours between Jakarta and Cirebon, or up to 9 hours if you are travelling to East Java—depending on the distance.

But, what if this year you would like to drive your Wuling and experience its comfort? Not just for mudik, but for a long road trip in general. Worry not, because our widespread network of dealership and mobile service are ready to help you with any possible issue with your engine and spare parts. Please find the complete list of our dealer networks spread in 60 different locations here.

The source of joy does not only come from our service but depending as well on how well-prepared you are before initiating the trip. Here are the 5 important preparations to get you going:


No one wants to be dehydrated and left in hunger because of being trapped in long, long traffic. Our advice is for you to prepare a big container/box and fill it with sweet and savoury snacks such as crackers, biscuits, chips, and chocolate bars. But, go slow on the savoury snacks because it will get you thirsty faster.

And you don’t want to end up gaining more weight after losing some from fasting last month, right? Now that you are safe with the food stocks, you need to also bring a cool box filled with ice and bottled drinks. You will need to stock some canned/bottled coffees, tea—make sure it’s low in sugar, to prevent you from feeling sleepy, especially if you are the one who drives. Luckily, the big space of Wuling cars is able to contain all of your baggage.

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These days gadget ownership is a familiar sighting—not just for adults, but children as well. Most families even have one for each family member—even for the babies. Tablets and smartphones are a good escape from boredom, especially if you had it equipped with fun and educational apps such as games, learning, and news apps to keep you updated with the latest information, this is good to keep you informed on the condition of all areas in Indonesia and the world around you.

If you provide your kids with these gadgets, please make sure they don’t spend time too long playing it, because it will make them hard to focus when you speak to them and they will likely to grow up with a short attention span. The good thing with having Wuling is that you can charge your smartphones and tablets anytime and anywhere because the USB charging docks are located in each row.

Extra Clothes

Due to extreme weather change these days, you can’t really tell whether it’s going to be sunny the whole day or sudden rain will pour in the afternoon until dawn. So, in addition to the clothes you have in your baggage, always have some prepared in a small bag you can easily reach. You might need to also include a blanket or jackets to keep you warm when the weather gets cold.

Space for Baggage

Didn’t you know already how spacious Wuling cars are? Well, if you still need more space to carry your stuffs, then it’s probably time to make use of the roof rail. But, always come prepared by installing roof rack or roof box as well to keep your belongings safe up there.

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First Aid Kit

Safety first. It’s always a good thing to think about before traveling. Prepare a bottle of disinfectants such as Betadine or Revanol in case someone in the car experiences an injury from falling or crash. You also need to include cotton pads, cotton buds, band-aid, cold & flu tablets, and medicine to help you with car sickness, and also vitamins.

Now that all is set, be ready to drive! Save Wuling call center number 0800 100 5050 in your phone book so that you can reach us when you need some helping with your car along the way.

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