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5 New Year Resolutions for A Happier Life

27 January, 2020

Image 5 New Year Resolutions for A Happier Life

The new year is a moment used by many people to set new resolutions so that they can lie better. The new resolutions are golden opportunities for those who feel they failed to make changes over the past year.

For those of you who want a better life, the following are some resolutions you can use as references below.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Changes in body shape can be one resolution at the beginning of this year. If you feel like you are too thin, you can aim to gain some weight and vice versa. However, don’t just change. Changes in body shape are ideally followed by a healthier lifestyle where you combine consistent exercise and reduced fast food consumption.

You may want to internalize this healthy lifestyle as it requires perseverance. In this case, you can successfully achieve the desired goal. Don’t let yourself be tempted to break the rule as this can ruin your resolution for a healthier lifestyle.

Doing fun activities

You can explore new activities that are more challenging as part of the latest resolution this year. The number of activities that you can do can also have a good impact on your health. Especially if you work behind a desk and easily feel bored, conducting new activities can be an effective way to refresh your brain and mind. Moreover, new activities that you do with your loved ones would potentially add to your network of friends.

Strengthening your relationships with family and friends

The change of year can be your moment to reflect on what happened last year. If you were busy working, you should aim to make more time for your family and close friends. Don’t wait to be contacted, you should rather start contacting them first. Reduce the time you use social media as you can be addicted to it. Don’t spend hours opening social media while you are actually spending the time with your loved ones. By managing your time wisely, you can then repair and strengthen the relationships.

Increasing income

You can also find additional work to add to your savings. Do you know that even some millionaires are still looking for ways to earn more money? You can also find a side job or use the internet as your new source of income. As you know, there are also many freelance jobs that can be done via the internet.

You can also look for some possibilities for income from your hobbies. Don’t forget to save is as preparation for an emergency fund for when an unexpected situation occurs, such as fixing a house or a car.

Replace your car with a new one

Purchasing a new car can also be one of your new year resolutions if you haven’t replaced it for years already.

The choice of cars is now increasingly abundant and it is also accompanied by a diverse range of models. However, you need to be careful before making a purchase. Pick a car that has an elegant look, sophisticated features, and has a pocket-friendly price.

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