Car Brake Pads: Understanding The Function and The Different Types

30 October, 2021

Image Car Brake Pads: Understanding The Function and The Different Types

Having a car can be a source of pride for some people, especially if it’s a classy and modern type. The more expensive car usually comes with sophisticated features and functionality. Safety features are one of the most important elements to consider in a car, because its role is highly important.

Any type of car must have brake components which are usually equipped with brake linings. If you want to know and understand the function of car brake components, read the details below.

Brake Pad Function For Car

Fungsi Kampas Rem Untuk Mobil

Brakes are a safety component that has a very important role in a car. Basically, the condition of the brake pads must be checked regularly to ensure that their performance is not compromised and driving safety is not threatened.

Car brake pads are fast-moving components, so brake pads must have a lifespan. However, when the car is used too often, the brake components will be damaged quickly and must be replaced immediately with new ones.

Types of Brake Pads You Need to Know

Jenis Kampas Rem Yang Perlu Anda Ketahui

1. Semi-Metallic

Semi Metalik

Semi-metallic brake pads usually have good characteristics, have durable properties, and are equipped with a good heat transfer type. By using this type of brake, you can adjust the speed of the car to keep it stable.

In general, these brake pads use organic synthetic base materials that have been mixed with processed metal mixtures. With the mixture of materials, this type of brake lining has excellent heat resistance.

If the metal usage is more than 50%, the brake lining will require a greater braking force. However, this brake lining is still recommended, because the durability is very good. This type of brake pad is very suitable for racing cars or cars with very high performance.

2. Organic (Non Metallic)

Organik (Non Metallic)

In general, organic brake pads are the ones that have the softest surface compared to the others. The manufacture of brake linings is usually a combination of resin, carbon, glass, rubber and others.

By using this type of brake lining, you will not hear a very annoying squeaking sound. These brake pads used to use additional asbestos material, but have now been removed due to various debates.

When you use this brake lining type, you must check it regularly. Do not let the brake pads run out so that your safety in driving can be maintained properly and the vehicle will remain stable.

3. Non-Organic Asbestos

Kenali Fungsi dan Cara Cek Kampas Rem Mobil yang Paling Tepat 2.3 1000x569

This type of brake lining is almost the same type as the organic one, they don’t use asbestos material anymore. Basically, this brake lining performs better than brake linings with a high amount of metal.

The performance of these brake pads is also very good and makes driving safety guaranteed. But you have to keep checking regularly, don't let the brake pads run out or it will interfere with the performance of the car.

4. Ceramics


Brake pads made of ceramic are said to be the best brake pads compared to the previously described brake pads. This type of brake lining is usually applied to luxury cars, because the price is quite expensive.

Since it is made of ceramic material, of course, these brake pads will not leave residue nor cause disturbing noises. Additionally, ceramics brake pads will not damage the car's rotor either.

How to Check if Car Brake Pads Are Running Out?

Cara Cek Kampas Rem Mobil Sudah Habis atau Belum?

Car brake pads that must be replaced immediately will usually make a squeaky sound when the braking process is carried out. Not only that, brake linings that must be replaced can also be seen from their physical condition. Please check the disc and brake calipers.

Disc brake pads usually have a thin plate that serves as a marker that the brake pads are starting to wear out. If the small plate rubs against the disc, it will produce a squeaky sound. If you see the plate sticking to the disc, then you need to immediately replace the brake pads with new ones.

When the brake pads start to wear out, they won't be seen clearly when the wheels are opened. You have to replace the brake pads with new ones immediately should you be under this condition. When replacing the brake pads, make sure the calipers and discs are cleaned first.

With good cleaning, the brake area will be free from various piles of dirt in the form of residue or the rest of the brake lining dirt. If it’s left unclean, it will hinder and interfere with the performance of the next brake. If the dirt is mixed with water, it will greatly interfere with the performance of the brake pads.

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